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September Monthly Meal Plan – Family of 4

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September is busy and we are in need of a super simple meal plan. Below you will find our September Monthly Meal Plan for our family of 4. Monthly meal planning is one of the most important habits I have to make my busy life a little easier.

What about Breakfast and Lunch?

I don’t plan our breakfasts and lunches. Our children are 12 and 14 and are pretty independent with these meals. I just make sure we have basic supplies on hand so they can help themselves. In the summer I need to really keep some extra food on hand, especially for the 12-year-old; he is growing so fast and eats 5 meals a day!

We like to keep breakfast basics on hand like, eggs, toast, pancake mix, oatmeal, cereal, yogurt, and berries.

Hot breakfast meals I like to make occasionally:

Lunch basics we keep on hand:

During the school year, the kids eat at school and I use ideas from my School Lunch Idea List HERE.

I do keep some basic lunch items on hand like lunchmeat, cheeses, bread or wraps, chicken salad, tuna salad, hardboiled eggs, soups, and frozen pizzas.

September Meal Plan

egg roll in a bowl dinner
  • Hot Ham and Cheese Sliders – Perfect for school nights- they are always a hit. We usually serve them with cut veggies and hummus and chips.
  • Pizza takeout – The kids have free pizzas from our summer reading program that they can cash in on!
  • Shrimp tacos – looking for more taco recipes see my Taco Tuesday Recipes post
  • Spaghetti with broccoli and garlic bread
  • Eggroll in a Bowl – we have this every.single.month! We all love it!
  • Honey Glazed Chicken – Recipe from Simply Rebekah.
  • Breakfast for dinner – French Toast, Sausages and Eggs.
  • Baked Potato Bar – topped with beans, salsa, veggies and cheese.
  • My Birthday Dinner Out
  • Family Dinner with grandparents

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