The goal of Hey, Donna is to help you make the most of your time at home and work. I share my experiences, tips and tricks that will help you with home care, mealtime and parenting.

Some of the topics that I cover here on the blog are:

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A Little more about Me:

I’m Donna, the girl behind Hey, Donna! I love a good cappuccino and have a small addiction to office supplies. I’m an extrovert and social butterfly (ENTJ for those Myers Briggs geeks). I’ve been married for 14 years and have 2 pretty awesome kids.

Originally from New England, I moved to Amish Country, Pennsylvania in 2004. Nine years later we sold everything and moved to Ireland to serve as missionaries for 2 years. Now back in Pennsylvania, we are settling back in and adjusting to yet another season of life.


Business owner:

I am in my 13th year working from home. I’m do marketing consultant, small business consulting and coaching, web design and offer clients business support. To say my days are full is an understatement!

Productivity Nerd:

I joke that I was born with a day planner in my hands. I’m passionate about productivity and want to help busy moms find a groove that works for them, by sharing tools and techniques that work! I’m a big believer in the power of HABITS and I think they can make a big difference in your family and home.


Traveling is in my blood and I’ve been blessed to have traveled to Scotland, Ireland, England, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Canada, and Mexico. I’ve also fallen in love with the most magical place on earth, Disney World. I have become “that Disney mom!” and can’t wait for our next trip!

Family First:

Like most moms, I’m still learning how to be the very best mom and wife. Running a home is no small feat, so I’ve created systems and habits that help. Caring for and taking time to treasure my family has to be the priority. I’m learning day-by-day how to do this and how to be intentional and focused at home too. I want our children to flourish in life and for our marriage to thrive and that requires my care, love, and attention. I’m grateful that this is the calling God has on my life as a mom and wife. This is the most important calling I have right now.


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