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Printable Road Trip Bingo for Kids

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Going on a long drive and need something to keep your kids busy? Get this printable road trip bingo game to play on long drives. Keep them entertained while enjoying the drive. Find out how we like to play bingo in the car and get your printable bingo cards.

Long car rides can be boring, especially for your kids. We always bring along plenty of entertainment for the kids, books, crayons, coloring books, a few small toys, and of course something to watch a movie on but sometimes you just want to have a little more fun. We love audiobooks as well but I wanted a fun game to play with the kids so I created this Road Trip Bingo game.

How to Play Road Trip Bingo

  1. Print these bingo cards on a thicker paper.
  2. Find a way to mark your cards. You might laminate the cards and give your children a dry erase marker to cross out each block. You could also use removable stickers to mark your bingo card.
  3. There are a few ways to play bingo in the car. You can have all players look outside the window and when they see something on their board they can call it out and everyone can mark their borads. Another way is to let your kids play quietly marking off what they each see. The first person to call out “BINGO” wins!

Get your free Bingo printable to play in the car

I’ve included 6 different cards that you will receive in your email. There are two Road Trip Bingo cards on each page. You can cut the pages in half and give each player a page.

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Road Trip Bingo

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