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Free Printable Chore Chart for Kids

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Free Printable Chore Chart for Kids – This printable was my most requested printable this year. Use this chore chart to help you manage your kid’s chores, encourage independence, and teach them how to do important tasks around the house. Print one chore chart out for each child and get started!

Chore chart for kids. Bright and colorful chart with spaces for daily chores and check boxes for each day.

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Managing a home is a lot of work. Enlisting the help of your children is easier than you might think. One of the keys to success is using a chore chart to track chores every day. Even your young children will enjoy checking off their chores each day.

This printable chore chart for kids has plenty of space to write out daily chores. Each child can have their own sheet. You can even use this to track your kid’s morning routines or bedtime routines by adding those tasks to the list.

This simple chore chart will help children be independent because it allows them to check the chart each day and mark off their progress. The more comfortable they get doing their chores the more independent they become.

Tracking progress and giving rewards

Some parents decide to pay their children an allowance or commission each week if they complete their chores. Using a chore chart will help you to easily track this as well. You could also have chores that are expected to be done each week with no payment, but other special chores might earn a commission. For example, making a bed is expected, vacuuming the car weekly might be an extra paid chore.

Colorful Chore Chart for Kids - on clipboard

Print weekly or reuse

This printable chore chart for kids can be printed each week or you can print one copy for each child and laminate it or use a page protector to reuse each week by using a wet or dry eraser.

Chore Chart

Items You Might Need

Thermal Laminator – Laminating your chore chart will help reuse your chart every week.
If you don’t have a laminator you might want to order some page protectors, they work the same way.
Magnetic Clips (for your fridge)
Magnetic Clip Board – This is a great option that looks really nice.
Cork Board -If you don’t like having things hanging on your fridge you might want to use a cork board instead.
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The fine print:
For personal use only. Please do not reproduce or redistribute without written permission. Classroom use is permitted.

Older Children? Try my Chore Cards

Do you have older, more independent children? You might be interested in my printable chore cards. These cards are a great tool to help teach your children how to properly clean each room in the house. Read the Chore Cards post here.

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