Afterschool Routines for Children Plus FREE Printable

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After school Routines

How to create After School Routines for your Child

Last week I shared our morning routines and so many of you loved it! So far hundreds of you have downloaded the free Morning Routine Chart! Today I’m sharing our After School Routines an a free printable chart. Those two hours after school can be crazy! I hope that this chart helps you to create a routine that works for your family.

1. Know what your child needs

We’ve noticed that each of our children need different things after school. Caleb our youngest really needs some alone time after school. Part of our after school routine includes the children changing out of their uniforms after school Caleb usually spends a good 30–40 minutes in his room “getting dressed” we’ve realized that he really needs this quiet, alone time. He usually comes down much more cheerful and ready for his snack. Claire, on the other hand, runs in the house, grabs her snack and is ready to do homework right away. Our after school routines are specific for each child.

2. Be Flexible 

Don’t expect your routine to work every day or for each of your children. It is ok for each child to have a different routine! Did your daughter have a bad day at school? Does your son just need some time with mom? These routines aren’t meant to make you a drill sergeant in your own home. Give your child, and yourself grace to skip the routine if you need to.

3. Be Consistent

Once you find what routine works for each of your children be consistent. We have them after school routines list hanging on the fridge and also in their bedroom as a reminder. Before we do anything extra after school their routines need to be done. Besides the special circumstances, I listed in #2 I try to stick to the plan. Again, this creates good habits that our children will have for years to come.

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Don’t forget to download our Morning and Bedtime Routine Charts:

Read about our Morning Routine Printable.

Read about our Bedtime Routine Printable

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