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Spring Cleaning Checklist – A Room-by-Room List

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Every year, as the weather warms up, many of us begin the process of Spring Cleaning. It’s an opportunity to get organized, do some deep cleaning, and complete some basic home maintenance. To help you get started with your yearly spring cleaning I’ve created a handy Spring Cleaning Checklist that you can download.

I think we all agree that it can feel a little daunting if we don’t have a plan. I definitely feel that way so I created my Free Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist. I will share more about that with you in a moment but first let’s talk about the why, how, and when of Spring Cleaning. 

Why is Spring Cleaning Important?

Sure we all like a clean home, but why else is Spring Cleaning important? Here are just a few benefits of taking the time to do a yearly deep clean:

  • Organize important paperwork while disposing of old, outdated documents
  • Remove dust and other allergens from surfaces and fabrics
  • Clear surfaces have been proven to help reduce anxiety and stress
  • Create functional, organized spaces allowing you and your family to find, use, and store things easily
  • Deep cleaning is necessary to properly maintain certain parts of your home. This will save you time, money, and frustration down the road

Cleaning is not a task that most people really enjoy. But knowing the benefits that will come with the process can help keep us motivated throughout. 

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Areas to Remember

While every area of your home should be addressed, there are some areas or parts of your home that could typically use a little extra attention. 

  • Blinds/ window covers. Even with regular dusting, these can often trap extra dust and allergens. If possible, remove and wash them in your washing machine. If not, remove extra dust with a dry cloth or duster before wiping them down with a damp cloth to remove any extra debris. 
  • Floors. Beyond regular sweeping and vacuuming, this is a great time to shampoo carpets and steam clean floors. Depending on the type of flooring, resealing may be necessary or desired to extend the life of the material. 
  • Baseboards. Baseboards and other trim around your home get really dusty and it’s easy to forget to keep them clean throughout the year. Usually, I do a quick vacuum then wipe each baseboard down.
  • Refrigerator. Pull out shelves and drawers. Wipe down the entire inside (including the freezer) Work quickly to avoid lowering the temperature too much.
  • Door/ window frames, handrails, walls. When possible, wipe down every surface that is touched. Oil and dirt from hands can discolor or damage surfaces, especially paint and wood, over time if not properly cleaned. (Of course, a fresh coat of paint makes any space feel fresh and clean!) 
  • Ceiling fans. Try this trick to clean off ceiling fan blades! Grab a pillowcase and make sure your fan is off! Standing on a step stool, place the fan blade inside the pillowcase. Then, holding the pillowcase against the blade between your hands, wipe down the length of the blade, knocking the dust off and into the pillowcase! Then simply do each blade until done! Afterward, you can shake excess dust off the pillowcase outdoors before simply throwing it into the washing machine. Cleaning your fan means less dust flying around the room and the blades work more effectively. 
  • Window sills. When the weather is warm, you want to open up those windows. But first, you may want to clean the window sills and screens with a vacuum. If there is a lot of debris, consider using a shop vac instead of your home vacuum or clean out the debris with your gloved hands. 
  • Filters. Air filters, water filtration, air conditioning units, vacuums, etc. There are filters throughout our homes that need regular maintenance and replacement. We have central air and an asthmatic child. Replacing those air filters regularly is really important to his well-being. We often forgot to replace our home’s air filters so I signed up for a free trial with Second Nature. Second nature delivers the exact number of filters you need for your home, in all the right sizes. Because they automatically deliver the filters we have a physical reminder to change them. We signed up for their FREE trial and got our first filter for FREE. It’s a great program and I love that there is no commitment. You can cancel or modify your account anytime to fit your needs. Click below to get your first filter for FREE plus get 50% OFF your 2nd and 3rd box.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

To help you go through your house room-by-room and do your spring cleaning I’ve created this Spring Cleaning Checklist. Print out a copy and keep it with you as you go through each room and do a deep cleaning. If you have a Household Binder you can print this out, put it in a page protector and reuse it year after year.

Each room is listed with tasks to help you clean your room from top to bottom. There are spaces for you to add tasks to each room as needed as well. I hope you find this printable Spring Cleaning Checklist helpful.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Download your Checklist Below:

My Favorite Cleaning Products

Grove Collaborative

We have ordered our cleaning supplies through Grove for over 5 years. Their prices are great and often better than Target’s prices. They deliver quickly and have great sustainable practices which I feel great about. If you have never purchased from Grove you can start your Grove experience today and receive a FREE Home Bundle with your first purchase of $30+

Spring Cleaning


I have been using E-cloth items for years! Below are some of my very favorite items that we use in our house every day. I love that if I want I can simply use water to clean and these are washable and reusable– because otherwise, I’d be using tons of paper towels!

Homemade Cleaners

DIY Upholstery Cleaner – Our dining chairs are in desperate need of a deep cleaning! I’m excited to use Julie’s DIY Apulstry Cleaner and finally clean up our chairs!

Homemade Bathroom Cleaner – This is our go-to cleaner for the bathroom when I run out of our cleaner from Grove.

Homemade Drain Cleaner – Rebekah has a great recipe for a homemade drain cleaner that we have used with success several times.

Looking for more cleaning inspiration? Check out my Printable Chore Cards:

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