Routines for Children

Routines, Habits and Independent Children

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Routines, Habits and Independent Children

I’m a big believer that routines are GREAT for children. Routines help them to know what to expect. Routines are also a huge blessing to parents as routines teach children small habits they need to be more independent. It doesn’t take forever either, after just a week or two many routines becomes second nature. Kind-of like muscle memory, our minds get used to routines.

Routines create habits.

Just think about it; when was the last time you want to remember how to brush your teeth? That’s a habit we do every single day. Grab toothbrush, open toothpaste, put toothpaste on brush… I think you get the point.

My morning routine has been consistent for years! I wake up, go to the bathroom, drink a glass of water, eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, and have my COFFEE while doing my hair and makeup. I finish with brushing my teeth, put on my shoes and coat, grab my keys and head out the door! I’ve been doing this so long it’s natural and I don’t have to think about what comes next, it’s become a habit.

Habits encourage independence.

Once you have simple small habits in your life you don’t need someone to remind you. Like when you start a new job, it usually takes a few weeks to get the hang of your daily routine but after a while you’re flying. When we have these habits in place we gain independence; the same is true for our children. Our children have been practicing their morning routine  for a year now and they have become more and more independent in these small habits. They love getting their own breakfast in the morning and picking out their clothes after school. Routines have built confidence in our children and allowed them to begin learning independence in small things.

Independence prepare children for their future.

I think giving our children routines at a young age helps them to grow in their independence. As our children head to school these routines and habits will enable our children to handle the structure and expectations that they will have at school. These simple routines will later translate into life-long habits. Our hope is that we raise our son and daughter to be responsible and disciplined adults.

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