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My 2022 Goals – Using the Powersheets Goal Planner

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Setting goals for 2022 was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I’ve been using Powersheets to set goals since 2016 and I can’t recommend it enough. Today I’m sharing my goals for 2022.

I hope that by sharing these goals I will inspire you to try goal setting if you haven’t in the past. I also hope that by sharing my goals publically I will be even more motivated and accountable this year.

My 2022 Goals - Pink Powersheets with 2022 Goal Ideas

My 2022 Goal Categories

All of my goals are broken into several categories:

  • Healthy + Wellness
  • Friends –
  • Focal Relationship – My Husband
  • Family
  • Finances
  • Spiritual + Personal Growth
  • Work + Learning
  • Recreation – Which I changed to Home

You don’t have to create goals for each life category and this year I’m trying to focus on the areas that need the most improvement.

The Powersheets Prep Work

The Powersheets Goal Setting Program walks you through a process called “Powersheets Prep Work” this allows you to review these areas in your life and give each area a grade. Then you note why you chose that grade. This step really helped me to see the areas of my life that are in the most need of attention.

One of my favorite steps is brainstorming. I love this step and I’m always surprised what comes out of this practice.

Once I had a good idea of what my goals were going to be I broke down these goals into daily, weekly, and monthly steps or tasks. This is the most helpful step. I love seeing the actionable steps I can take to reach each goal. It seems so much more achievable when I can see these “mini-goals”.

My 2022 Goals in my Powersheets Goal Planner with colored labels

My goals for 2022

Healthy + Wellness – Create a healthy lifestyle that I love.

For years I have struggled with this. In the past, this goal was usually “Lose ## Pounds” or “Stop eating sugar “. Each year. I would have some success but it never stuck. This year I’m taking a different approach to wellness and trying to create a healthy lifestyle that I enjoy and can maintain. For me, this looks like learning about intuitive eating, making better choices and small changes, moving my body more, and using exercise to manage stress.

Focal Relationship – My Husband – Cultivate a derrper relationship with my husband.

In 2021 we were thankful to finally enjoy a week away in Mexico for our 15th anniversary. It was the absolute best week! We really enjoyed being together and laughing lots. Marriage is hard and in order for it to be the best it can be I need to invest more of my attention to making our marriage more fun and fulfilling. This year I’ll focus on date nights, getaways, and showing my husband how much I truly appreciate him and all that he does for our family. I will use more kind, uplifting words and avoid criticism and resentment.

Family – Prepare the kids for adulthood and create special memories

One of my goals for the next few years is to focus on preparing the kids to be more independent and get them ready for college. We have a 15-year-old daughter and a 13-year-old son who are already very mature and independent. My hope is to teach them important life skills such as cooking, money management, home maintenance, car maintenance, etc.

Finances – Become Debt Free!

We have been debt-free several times in our marriage. Unexpected emergencies and a season of unemployment (plus just bad money management) have gotten us back into debt and this year we are determined to pay it all off! We are excited to tackle this once-and-for-all and enjoy the freedom and security of debt-free living. This will require lots of sacrifices, extra hard work, and consistency.

Spiritual + Personal Growth – Find a New Church

We left our church in 2020. It was one of the most difficult yet healthy decisions we’ve had to make in a long time. The kids have been involved in a great youth group which was very important to us but we still have not found a new home church. Finding a new church has been difficult but we have started to narrow it down to a few options that we want to visit this year.

Work + Learning – Make full-time income with HeyDonna.com

I left my position as a marketing director in 2021. It was a big step and I hit my 2021 financial goals which is great however, now I need to bring up my income to a full-time level so I can continue to do this work that I love. In 2022 I hope to put out more content, create more free printables, and offer a few new products that I hope you’ll love!

Home – Create a Simple + Beautiful Home

I’ve been getting more and more interested in decluttering, simplifying, and creating a more minimal home. I’ve started to realize that all of the “stuff” around the house is really just clutter and. We can get rid of so much! I also would rather own things we love, rather than cheap stuff that we kind of love. Also decluttering will allow us to sell items to pay off our debt faster. I also want to revisit our routines and meal planning to simplify them as well.

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It’s Ok to Change Your Goals

These goals are likely to change a bit throughout the year. Once our debt is paid off we hope to grow our emergency fund and fully fund our sinking funds a little more. My work goals are likely to change too as I make progress. This is just a reminder that it is ok to change your goals. Life circumstances can also cause you to need to change your goals. Be flexible and remember that your goals are meant to improve your life, so if they need to be moved around, paused, or completely changed, that’s ok!

Yearly Goals and Mini Goals

While these are my 2022 yearly goals I also broke down each goal to have mini-goals for each one. This helps me to track my progress and stay motivated along the way. Powersheets has a tool called a “Tending List”. This page is one. of the most important parts of the system where I can track monthly, weekly and daily habits and goals that move me close to meeting my bigger yearly goal.

Are Powersheets right For You?

If you are interested in finding out more about the Powersheets Goal Planner you can read my review of the 2022 Powersheets here or head to the Cultivate what Matters site. They. are running their best sale of the year and you can get a 2022 Powersheets Goal Planner for 40% off!! Check it out HERE.

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