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Why PowerSheets are the Key to My Goal Setting

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I have been using the PowerSheets Goal Planner from Cultivate What Matters for years. This tool has helped me set, track, and achieve many big goals over the years. This goal planning system was created to help you actually achieve your goals and make progress. Today I’ll share more about the PowerSheets, how they work, and why I think they are a great tool for goal setting.

Cultivate What Matters PowerSheets Goal Planner with Aqua Cover

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The Problem with Traditional Goal Setting

Goal setting was always intimidating to me. I often felt like a failure when I didn’t meet those goals. I focused too much on not meeting the goal and didn’t give myself any credit for the progress I did make. This discouraged me and I often gave up instead of moving forward.

Traditional goal planning is usually more focused on big goals, Lose 50lbs, Get out of debt, Improve my relationships, Travel more, etc. These big goals are ok, but if you stop there it’s too daunting. These big goals can be so discouraging. They often take a long time to achieve and the end seems so far away so people often lose motivation.

Why PowerSheets Goal Planner Works

When I found Cultivate What Matters and the PowerSheets Goal Planners everything changed. I was finally able to set goals that were meaningful, track my progress, and learned how to celebrate small successes.

I no longer make huge goals and jump in with no plan.

Instead, I make more detailed goals with the steps I need to take to get there. Bite-sized goals are not as overwhelming or discouraging. Having planned times to check-in and review my goals throughout the year has also helped me to keep momentum and stay on track. Sometimes things change and a goal needs to be paused or readjusted. PowerSheets leave room for change.

Traditional Goal Planning always seemed so much more set in stone. The PowerSheet Goal Planning system is more in-depth and thoughtful. Lara Casey created this system to help you succeed and you can see that throughout the planner.

Learn how to celebrate the small steps

One of the key phrases Cultivate What Matters uses is:

“Little by Little

This simple phrase is sprinkled throughout the PowerSheets and reminds me that every little step forward is progress. Every time I sit down with my Tending List I check off or mark my progress and I’m reminded that I’m taking steps closer to the goal.

PowerSheets were launched 9 years ago, what began as a simple idea, annual goal-setting series and conference became worksheets which later turned into the PowerSheets Planner we have today. They’ve since become a time-tested goal planning system that has helped thousands of women attain their goals.

How Do You Use the PowerSheets Goal Planner?

Before jumping into the goal planning process, the PowerSheets walk you through several worksheets that help you brainstorm, reflecting on the past, and see what worked and what didn’t. One of the biggest benefits is that as you work through the pages you learn some of the limiting beliefs that you have been holding on to that might be holding you back.

You are able to dream a little, assess different areas of your life, recognize your strengths and weaknesses and then create goals afterward. It’s been so helpful to do this “prep work” before jumping into goal setting. I’ve been able to add goals that I would have never thought about if I had not done this work first.

PowerSheets Tending List page open on lap

What is a Tending List?

This is my roadmap. It keeps me on track and encouraged each month.

The Tending List is the page that you use each month to track your progress. It has been crucial to any success I’ve had. Each month I fill out my Tending List, tear it out and keep it in my planner. I check in with it daily and mark any progress I’ve made. Having my goals front and center every day has helped me to stay on track and motivated.

Cultivate What Matters encourages you to check in on your Tending list every week. Every Tuesday you can follow along on Instagram as they check-in “Tending List Tuesday” was helpful as I started to use PowerSheets. Their private PowerSheets Facebook group has also been a huge help as I created goals and worked through them each year.

Regular Reviews

Month in Review Page

At the end of each month, there is a page where you can look back and see how things went. You take another look at your goals and see what needs to be on your radar for the next month, record things you are grateful for, let go of the guilt from the past month and track accomplishments and memories. This page helps me to create the next month’s Tending List more thoughtfully since I’ve taken the time to reflect on the past month.

Seasonal Refresh

I really appreciate the Seasonal Refresh. In these pages, you are able to evaluate areas of your life to see how much progress you’ve made. Next, you do another mini Prep Work for the next season. This allows me to review my goals every 3 months and make changes as needed. I’ve often taken goals off my list during a seasonal review because I’ve made great progress. In 2020, I completely re-did my goals in March when Covid hit and our lives changed dramatically.

Having these check-ins allows you to reflect, make changes, and keep moving forward.

A Simple but Thorough Goal Setting Planner

PowerSheets Goal Planner is a simple but detailed goal planning system. You not only create goals but you create a roadmap to get there. You set your “big goals” then think through the mini-goals that you’ll need to accomplish to get you to the finish line. I also loved that PowerSheets has you think through all of the areas of your life and set goals for each one.

I’m a big believer in mini Goals and creating tiny habits. These make such a big impact in your life and are much easier to achieve.

The Cultivate What Matters community is super encouraging and inspiring. I joined the Facebook Group and follow along on Tending List Tuesdays on Instagram. I love seeing how other users set their goals and the mini-goals they set to get there. I also appreciate having somewhere to go when I’m struggling and I need to change up things. The community is so supportive.

Are PowerSheets Worth the Cost?

At first, I had a hard time spending the money on a goal planner. It took me a while but once I realized that I was making an investment in my whole life I made the purchase. Once I had one in my hands and started to work through the Prep Work and Goal-Setting I was sold. I haven’t doubted that investment since.

When I pay for something I’m much more likely to stick with it.

I’m in my 5th year of using PowerSheets and I’m more committed than ever. Every time I check something off of my Tending List I feel such a sense of accomplishment. Knowing that I invested in my future by purchasing PowerSheets keeps me optimistic and invested in these goals.

What are PowerSheets? Do they really help? Are they worth the money?

Are PowerSheets Right for You?

If you have tried other goal-setting systems and your goals fell flat, I would encourage you to find out more about PowerSheets and see if you think they would be a good fit for you.

Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions you might have. I’d love to help you! If you have big dreams for this year, if you need an extra boost of motivation and want help staying on track then I would encourage you to take the plunge and order your PowerSheets today!

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