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How to Complete a Brain Dump with Free Trigger List

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This printable Brain Dump Trigger List will help you process all of the thoughts in your mind and get them out onto paper. Using a trigger list makes the process of doing a brain dump easier, and you’re able to clear all of those tasks, to-dos, and thoughts out of your mind.

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What is a Brain Dump?

A brain dump (also called a mind sweep) is a method to get all of the thoughts, ideas, and to-dos out of your mind onto paper or typed on your computer. It’s a great way to create a rapid log of all of the thoughts in your mind.  Getting all of these things out of your mind and into a safe place will allow you to focus on bigger tasks without these nagging distractions. It’s a great way to unload all of the things that have your attention. Many people struggle to get started using a brain dump so I’ve created a Brain Dump Trigger List to help. Before you start you need to understand how to do a brain dump.

How to Complete a Brain Dump

It’s a pretty simple habit to start. Grab a piece of paper and find a quiet place. Start writing. Every thought, to-do, reminder, question… write it all down. Don’t try to stay organized, just dive in!

By taking just 10 minutes to clear out your mind you will instantly feel a weight lifted. All of your worries, thoughts, and tasks will be recorded in a safe and reliable place. Taking the pressure off your brain to remember and remind you of all.the.things!

Brain Dump Trigger List

Using a Brain Dump Trigger List

When I sit down to do a brain dump I can usually write down dozens of things that are on my mind. Sometimes I even set a time to set a limit to this practice, but there are days when I feel a little stuck or overwhelmed; I need a little help to get everything out of my mind.

To help myself when I get stuck, I’ve created a Brain Dump Trigger List. I keep a copy in my planner and I look at it whenever I need a little direction to get my brain dump done. Using the Trigger List can really help you to get every little thing out on to paper.

We often allow these little (sometimes big) thoughts in our minds take over and the thoughts weigh on us, often making it hard for us to move forward. Getting everything out – dumping it on paper – can be such a relief!

Download Your FREE Brain Dump Trigger List

I hope you find that doing a Brain Dump gives you some clarity and it becomes a habit that really helps you. If you’re looking for more inspiration to take control of your productivity be sure to check out my Time Blocking 101 post and these other great productivity posts:

I would love to know how you process your brain dump. Leave a comment or head over to my Instagram and let me know!

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