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Finding the Right Block Schedule Template

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Using a template to block your schedule is an easy solution to help you stop wasting time and get things done! I’ve been using the time blocking method for years and it has made me more focused and productive. I use my time blocking templates to help me plan for a productive week. This post includes a new Time Blocking Templates that you can download for FREE. 

Block Schedule Template to download. Days of the week with hourly lines.
What is Time Blocking? video

Paper-Based to Block Schedule Templates

Time Blocking is not a new concept. I’ve been singing the praises of using time-blocking schedules for years! If you’re feeling overwhelmed and struggling to get through your to-do list you might want to consider trying Time Blocking for a few weeks and see how it helps.

There are many ways to block your time. I’m a little old-fashion and love paper and pen for planning my time, that’s why I created these printables to help me block my schedule. I wanted a simple way to sketch out the plans for each week, but I wanted it to look nice and be functional at the same time.

After several years and several thousand downloads (wow!) I’m finally redesigning the templates to hope to offer various styles and options. My hope is that you will find a template that you enjoy using and that it helps you to feel more focused. Today I’m sharing my newest template.

If you’re new here, start with these posts:

New Block Schedule Templates to Download

I’m excited to offer a new style of Time Blocking Templates that you can download. I plan to continue to add more styles, so if you have a suggestion or request just shoot me a message or leave a comment below and let me know!

Once you download your files you can choose from a Sunday or Monday week start. I like to print several copies and I keep the blank calendars on a clipboard on my desk. For a while, I resized my calendars to fit inside my Inkwell Press disc-bound planner. It’s important to keep it in front of you when you’re working or place it somewhere that you will check often.

> Scroll to the bottom of this post to download the new block schedule templates

My Original Templates (2015):

These are the original templates that I made back in 2015 – there are several different layouts that come in this download but I’ve found that the weekly layout is the most useful. These are still my most popular download years later!

2017 – A More Simple Time Blocking Calendar

I had a request for a more ink-friendly version of the worksheet so I created these in 2017. This download also includes several different layouts if you’d like to try a different style. This black and white time blocking template is great if you want a simple look that uses less ink.

2019 – New Look with Sunday and Monday Start Weekly Time Blocking Printable:

This new template is just a simple change in the font but I thought it was time for a more updated look. I kept it simple and only created the weekly layout. In this download, you will receive two files, a weekly calendar that starts on Sunday and one that starts on Monday.

Printable Time Blocking Template - Download for free.

I hope these worksheets help you to get started with Time Blocking. Find the right template for you, print out as many copies as you need, and jump right in! Download these below.


The form takes a minute to appear. Refresh if you don’t see it. You should receive your download link via e-mail within the hour. Be sure to search your inbox for: “Your download from Hey Donna is here!”. If, after an hour, you have not received your link, please contact me and I’ll help you figure out what happened.

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