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20 Instant Pot Side Dishes

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I have saved hours in the kitchen using my electric pressure cooker over the years and we have enjoyed many delicious meals and desserts. These Instant Pot side dish recipes are the perfect addition to our recipe book. Below I’m sharing 20 of the best Instant Pot Side Dishes and Vegetable Recipes I’ve found.


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Instant Pot Side Dishes – Vegetables

Asparagus from Dana Vento

Asparagus can be a little tricky to make just right. I can’t stand overcooked, mushy asparagus so making it in the instant pot can help you to really make perfectly cooked asparagus every time. Thanks to Dana for this great recipe.

Garlic Butter Sesame Green Beans From Wonder Mom Wannabe

We are big fans of green beans over here and I love to try new recipes to spice up our favorite veggie. I would have never thought to put garlic and sesame together!

Cauliflower Potato Salad From Recipe This

If you’re looking for a Keto/Low Carb Potato Salad recipe that is super quick – this one sounds great.

Corn Casserole from Justine from the Typical Mom Blog

If you have never tried a corn casserole, you don’t know what you are missing. When I saw this recipe, I knew I needed to try it!

Green Bean Casserole from Crystal and Co.

This is a staple in our home around the holidays, and I love that I can make it in the instant pot instead of using the very limited oven space during the busy holiday season.

Cauliflower and Cheese from Two Sleevers

Looking for a low carb side dish? This Cauliflower and Cheese recipe is just what you’ve been waiting for!

Brown Sugar Carrots From Eating on a Dime

One of my favorite side dishes is cooked carrots and this recipe for brown sugar carrots sounds delicious.

the best Instant Pot Side Dishes and Vegetable Recipes.


Parmesan Garlic Artichokes From Family Fresh Meals

If you haven’t ever tried artichokes this sounds like a delicious way to try them for the first time.

Mexican Street Corn Pasta Salad From Awe Filled Homemaker

I thought this was a unique twist on pasta salad.

Corn on the Cob From Wonder Mom Wannabe

This is one of our go-to side dishes to make in our instant pot. My corn turns out perfect every single time, and it’s so quick!

Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Garlic From Recipes from a Pantry

I’m a huge fan of roasted Brussel sprouts and I’ve always been afraid of cooking them any other way. Once I found this recipe I’m convinced to give it a try, maybe it was the bacon that convinced me.


best Instant Pot Side Dishes and Vegetable Recipes

Instant Pot Side Dishes – Potatoes

Red Potatoes From Eating On A Dime

This is a great easy potato side dish to get you comfortable using your Instant Pot. I love that this is a super simple and no-frills recipe, so anyone can make them.

Cheesy Bacon Ranch Potatoes  From The Typical Mom

Cheese? Bacon? AND Ranch? Yes, please! My family is going to love this recipe.

Mashed Potatoes  from Wonder Mom Wannabe

This is one of my favorite ways to use my instant pot because for some reason I can’t stand waiting for potatoes to boil!

Roasted Potatoes from Sweet and Savory Meals

My husband loves potatoes and would be thrilled if I would make them every night. This Roasted Potato recipe not only sounds delicious but it’s also a simple recipe that I could whip up any night.


Instant Pot Side Dish Recipe

Instant Pot Side Dishes –  Rice & Beans

Coconut Lime Jasmine Rice From Boulder Locavore

This was the first recipe that I found and thought, “I NEED to make that!” This would be the perfect side to our favorite chicken fajita bowl recipe.

Asparagus and Lemon Risotto From The Perfect Pantry

Who knew you could make risotto in the instant pot? I’m excited to try and see how it turns out. It sounds much less time-consuming than making risotto on the stovetop.

Broccoli Rice and Cheese Casserole From Wonder Mom Wannabe

I don’t know why it took me so long to fall in love with the simplicity of a good casserole. I love that I can add in some cooked chicken and make this a one-pot meal!

Garlic Rice from Midget Momma

Rice is a great side dish option and I love that this isn’t just another bland rice. This recipe adds great flavor to a dish that might otherwise be boring.

Mexican Black Beans From Wonder Mom Wannabe

Rice and Beans have become a staple in our house and black beans are always on the menu, I know my family is going to love this Mexican black beans recipe.

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Looking for more Instant Pot Recipes? I’ve got you covered with these recipe roundups:

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