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Holiday Instant Pot Recipes

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Every year it seems like the holidays sneak up on us and I’m scrambling at the last minute to plan our holiday meals. Thanks to our beloved Instant pot and these recipes, I know that this year will be easier! Most of us will have turkey or ham as the main dish, but what about those side dishes? I found lots of  great options that can be made in your instant pot. We can create some of our favorites in less time and with less effort. Here is a short list of holiday Instant Pot Recipes that we love:

Holiday Instant Pot Recipes

Stuffing Instant Pot Recipe for the holidays

Stuffing Recipe

Ok, maybe I am a traditionalist but I just cannot imagine the holidays without stuffing. Or, as some of us call it, “dressing” other insist “filling”. I guess technically it’s dressing since it’s not in the turkey. We will never know!  Whatever you call it, it’s a holiday staple and it can be cooked in your pressure cooker! This recipe from bakes the stuffing in your pressure cooker  and then makes it crispy on the outside by sticking it in the oven for a quick minute. Wait. Crispy stuffing? Yes! And it’s glorious. Check out the recipe here.

Instant Pot Roasted Potatoes Holiday Instant Pot Recipe

Roasted Potatoes Recipe

Another key ingredient for any holiday is mashed potatoes. You might be shocked to know that not everyone is a fan. I know, it shocked me too. However, if you find yourself craving something different or just want to save some time, this recipe from is the way to go. So simple yet surprisingly delicious and such a versatile recipe. Roasted potatoes are a great side for any meal (even breakfast!). Grab the recipe here.

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Cranberry Sauce Instant Pot Recipe for the holidays

Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Sweet and tangy, cranberry sauce is the perfect side to help cut through the heaviness of any holiday meal. And technically, it’s a fruit so we’ll go ahead and call it “healthy”. See, we’re making good choices. Made from fresh cranberries, this dish has some class to it too (not knocking you canned cranberry sauce, we still love you). Thanks to for this simple but delicious holiday Instant Pot recipe. Check it out here.


Collard Greens with Bacon Holiday Instant Pot Recipe

Collard Greens with Bacon Recipe

Bacon. Let’s be honest, we could add bacon to anything and make it better. In this case, Mike from added it to collard greens and gave us one more reason to love our pressure cookers. Bacon gives this classic Southern dish a smoky flavor and in only about 20 minutes! Plus, collard greens are a vegetable….more good, healthy choices. I know, genius right?! Grab your recipe here.

Chocolate Cheesecake recipe for the Instant Pot

Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

Ok, before you try to tell me that cheesecake isn’t a side dish, remember that you are a grown up and can eat dessert whenever you want! That’s part of the greatness of adulthood am I right?? Seriously though, I had to share this recipe because 1 – I had no idea you could cook cheesecake in the InstantPot and 2-  Cheesecake. Go ahead, give it a try. You can find the recipe here.

Thanks to Suzie at for this recipe which originated from the Great Big Pressure Cooker Book.

So there you are, just a few of the delicious possibilities for this holiday courtesy of your pressure cooker. Do you have any go-to pressure cooker recipes you will be including this year? Share in the comments so we can all try something new and yummy!
Are you loving your Instant Pot? You’ll want to add in a few accessories to help you make the most of your new pressure cooker. Click the image below to see my favorite accessories to use with my Instant Pot.

10 Useful Instant Pot Accessories:

Useful Instant Pot Accessories

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