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How to Remove Slime from Carpet

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If your kids love slime as much as mine you’ll need to know how to remove slime from carpet. There is an easy solution that takes just 2 ingredients and a little patience. If you’re reading this post then you most likely have a very sticky situation on your hands. Having slime spill onto your carpeting can be stressful but the solution is quite simple. Find out how below. 

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Oh the joys of slime! Our children have an addiction to making their own slime at home and have quite a large collection. Slime making is a great activity for kids and ours spend hours mixing different ingredients to make sparkly slime, fluffy slime, and basically every-color-of-the-rainbow slime. They just love it!

While we try hard to keep the slime in the dining room where there is no carpeting, sometimes the slime makes it’s way around the house and unfortunately, a few times it’s made it’s way on to the floor – – the carpeted floor. The first time it happened I didn’t know where to start. It had landed on our brand new carpeting and I was determined to remove it.

After doing some testing and research I found a way to remove slime from the carpet that was not only easy but worked very well! It removed the sticky slime as well as any remaining color left behind. Below you’ll find my instructions to help you remove slime from your carpet. 

How to Remove Slime from Carpet

  1. Remove most of the solid slime by picking and pulling it off. Try to get off as much as possible.
  2. Mix 2/3 cup vinegar to 1/3 cup water in a bucket.
  3. Using an old rag, apply the vinegar mixture to the remaining slime.
  4. While blotting the slime area pull off the remaining slime bits.
  5. Continuing to wet the spot with the vinegar mixture. This helps break down the slime.
  6. Once you have most of the slime removed it might be helpful to use a toothbrush or small brush to work out any remaining slime.
  7. Using a clean cloth or towel blog the area until it is mostly dry.


I’ve found this method to work really well. Sometimes I’ve dampened a rag in the vinegar solution and laid it on top the slime for 5-10 minutes – this helps to break down really stuck on slime.

How to remove slime from clothing, drapery, and other fabrics

This method works on most fabrics, you may want to do a spot check on a discrete area of the fabric to make sure that it doesn’t affect the color. We have successfully removed slime from jeans and tee shirts with vinegar and water.

I hope you found the answers you were looking for and feel better equipped to tackle those unavoidable slime stains that may be in your future! My best advice to invest in a jug of vinegar, it’s only a few dollars, plus – you can use it to clean so many things in your home!

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