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How to Host a Pie Party – A Fun Party For Fall

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It’s always so hard to get together with friends during the holidays so I tried to plan these in early November before everyone was busy. That’s why we started hosting a Pie Party. Find out how to host a fun pie party of your own!

Years ago I watched an episode of a YouTube channel, She’s in Her Apron, they were having a “Pie Party”. I loved the concept and thought that this was something I would love to do. I adore a good pie, and it was a fun theme for a Fall Party! It would also make a super fun Friendsgiving party theme! In this article, I’ll tell you how to plan your first Pie Party and share recipes for some of the best party pies!

How to Host a Pie Party? 

A pie party requires very little planning or prep. Because everyone is bringing a pie to share, there will be plenty of delicious desserts.

In the past (and because there were lots of young kiddos at our party) we have also ordered some Pizza (Pizza Pie – still fits the theme!). 

Be sure to send out an invitation with clear instructions so your guests know what they should bring. If you want to exclude any specific pies or encourage people to be creative be sure to say that in the invitation. If you would like them to bring a completed recipe card you can add one in with the invitation. 

Etsy has some of the cutest printable invitations that would work perfectly for a pie party.

What do you need for a Pie Party?

This pie-themed party is super easy to pull together. You don’t need much. You can ask everyone to bring their own servers but I like to have several pie servers on hand. You can get a super inexpensive set of 10 HERE. Having both plates and bowls available is a good idea too. Fun pie-themed napkins or decor is a fun touch.

I own several pie plates and cake risers so I often put those out to display the pies.  You can get a set of 2 cake plates HERE .

Ice cream and whip cream. It’s always nice to have vanilla ice cream and some whipped cream on hand. 

Cocktails, mocktails, coffee, and tea. Add some fun festive drinks to your party. There are so many fun cocktails or mocktails out there that would be fun for a pie party. Coffee and tea is a must and setting up a pretty coffee bar would be a fun addition.

To-go containers are nice to have on hand so you can send your guests home with a few extra slices at the end of the night. You can dress up these bakery boxes to add a sweet touch.

How to make your Pie Party even more fun:

Have a Pie Party Guest Book

If you are going to make this a yearly tradition you might want to consider getting a Guest book and having each guest write what pie they brought each year. They could even bring a recipe card that you can put in the book. This Guest Book would work perfectly!

Have a Pie Contest

Depending on how many pies you have it might be fun to choose a few fun competitions. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Best in show – best overall pie, look, quality, and taste.
  • Best Tasting
  • Best Presentation
  • Best Crust
  • Best Filling
  • Most Unique Pie
  • Best Sweet Pie
  • Best Savory Pie
  • Best Fruit Pie
  • Best Chocolate Pie

Have a Pie Crust Decorating Lesson

If you or one of your guests is confident in their pie skills they may want to teach a quick pie lesson. I think one of the easiest lessons to teach is how to make a pie crust or how to make a pretty lattice top for a pie. Or you can then show your guests how to make several types of pie crust designs.

After enjoying pie why not play a fun game? Below are some fun games for adults:

Have a Sweet as Pie Birthday Party Theme

How cute would a “Sweet as Pie” party theme be for a little one? There are some super cute decorations, banners, and invitations you can find online too. This set is super cute!

How to Decorate for your Pie Party

You can have a lot of fun decorating your space for a pie party. You can put funny pie puns on cards around your home. Buy Pie-themed plates and napkins or buy some fun Pie Decor on Etsy. They have some adorable banners and signs:

What Kind of Pie Should I Bring to a Pie Party?

So you were invited to a Pie Party and you want to bring a unique pie. I’m sure there will be the classics, Apple, Pumpkin, or Cherry but why not bring something a little more unique? Below is a list of fun ideas that you can make for a pie party.

The Best Holiday Pies for Your Pie Party:

I’ve gathered some unique and fun holiday pie recipes for your party. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect recipe in this list! 

  • Pumpkin Pie Crumble – Think crumble/crisp meets pumpkin pie in this simple, warm Pumpkin Pie Crumble. Thick pumpkin layer topped with a buttery oat topping. Change up your favorite fall recipe for this version!
  • Fresh Strawberry Pie – Enjoy this no-bake classic strawberry pie. Top with fluffy whipped cream for a pie that everyone will love!
  • Dutch Pear & Nutmeg Pie – is a warm, wonderful pie filled with Fall’s other sweet, juicy and often overlooked fruit, delicately spiced with grated nutmeg and topped with a sandy, buttery streusel crumble topping. Watch out, apple pie!
  • Cranberry Pie is a deliciously easy and tasty pie recipe that you will love. Made with a shortbread crust and a sweet cranberry filling this pie will become a staple at your holiday gatherings.
  • Apple Oatmeal PieThis apple oatmeal pie is a delicious dessert that doesn’t require making a crust. It’s a little like baked oatmeal, a little like an apple crisp, and a lot like apple pie!
  • No Banek Peach Mango Pie – Make this easy no bake peach mango pie with fresh mango and peach puree. This perfectly simple dessert is great for special occasions.
  • Shoo Fly Pie – This is a very popular pie in Amish Country, PA where I live. It might be fun to bring it to a party where people have not tried it before. 
  • Coconut Rum Coquiot Cream Pie – Coconut Rum cocktails are legendary in Puerto Rico. Now you can have your cocktail and eat it too! This whipped cream topped pie is what summer is made of!  
  • Hawaiian Chocolate Haupia Pie – One of the most famous desserts in Hawaii is chocolate haupia pie from Ted’s Bakery in North Shore Oahu. Here’s our copy-cat version you can make at home. 
  • Sour Cream Raisin Pie – Gently spiced custard filled with plump raisins nestled in a flaky pie crust and tucked under a layer of toasted sweet meringue in this Sour Cream Raisin Pie that is a Midwest classic! It might sound strange but give it a try and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
  • Lemon Cranberry Meringue Pie – This Lemon Cranberry Meringue Pie Recipe is quite the showstopper, not to mention delicious! 3 layers of sweet and tart goodness make this pie everyone’s new favorite.
  • Pear Tart – This gluten free and vegan pear tart (or pie) is a French classic dessert. An indulging chocolate ganache along with juicy pears on top of a pie crust, so simple and yet so delicious! 
  • Pumpkin Hand Pies – Your family will love these little pumpkin hand pies! You can make these sweet, small pies that fit in your hand in under an hour. Warm pockets filled with the flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon, and vanilla, they’re a cozy treat any time of year. 

Unique Pie Ideas

Who says you need to bring a sweet pie to the party? Why not bring a surprising and unique “pie” below are some fun ideas:

  • Whoopie Pie – Who says you need to bring a typical pie? My pumpkin whoopie Pie recipe is a favorite!
  • Spanakopita Pie – This incredible Vegan Spanakopita Pie has a “cheezy” tastes and is full of spinach and tofu. The crispy filo pastry on top is divine.  
  • Chicken Pot Pie – Savory Pies are a fun addition, especially for guests who come hungry! This Chicken Pot Pie recipe from Julie at Frugally Blonde Looks delicious! 
  • Tomato Pie  –
  • Pumpkin and Spinach Quiche – This pumpkin and spinach quiche is perfect for a seasonal breakfast or weeknight dinner! And the leftovers make a great option to fill your lunch box for school or work. 
  • Moroccan Ground Beef and Potato Pie Moroccan Ground Beef and Potato Pie features ground beef and hash brown potatoes seasoned with a moroccan-inspired spice blend. Add a homemade pie crust for a dinner your family will love! 

What is your favorite pie? I love finding new recipes, share your favorite in the comments below.


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