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Planning in a paper planner is so popular right now and I’m a fan! I have plenty of gift ideas for planners because I’m a “planner girl” too! Maybe you’re trying to find gifts for bullet journal lovers? I’ve gathered several great gifts that anyone who uses a paper planner, bullet journal, or just loves to journal.

I love a good paper planner! I started using Franklin Covey day planners back in the 90’s and my love for planners has grown ever since. I’m a long-time paper planner user and there is a whole community of people online that adore planners just as much as I do.

Planning has become more than a productivity tool. Many planners love decorating their planners, some use day planners as a journal or mini-scrapbook. They are creative and LOVE their planner supplies. It’s a great hobby for geeky, creatives like me.

Bullet journaling has also taken off and thousands of people have found how helpful it is to use a bullet journal. If you have someone in your life that journals a lot of uses a bullet journal, I have some fun bullet journal gift ideas they will love

Gifts for Planners

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Gift Guide for Planner Girls

First things first. They need a planner. Below are some of my all-time favorite planners, you can’t go wrong with any of these companies, the quality and design are top notch!

Weekly Planners

Erin Condren Weekly Life Planner – Hourly (vertical-style)

Erin Condren Weekly Life Planner – Horizontal

Inkwell Press – Disc bound system

The Inkwell 360 ° Disc Planner allows you to create a custom planner with everything you need. Choose what style pages you like best. Because it is disc bound you can add or remove pages too.

The Happy Planner –

This is a more affordable (less high-quality) disc bound planner that many people love! It’s a great starter planner and lots of fun. They have so many fun stickers and addons to customize your planner too.

Paper Punch for Disc Bound Planners –

One benefit to disc bound planner is that you can move your pages around easily. Adding and removing pages is simple because the pages just slide out of the discs. A paper punch is a must-have if you want to add your own pages.

Daily Planners

Erin Condren Daily Duo A5 Planner – I have been using the daily duo this year and I love the A5 size. The interior layout is great for tracking my daily schedule and to-do list.

Plum Paper – If you are looking for a planner that you can customize, then you will love Plum Paper. I have used their Daily and Weekly planners and will likely order another later this year. The quality of the paper just can’t be beat! Sign up and SAVE 10% on your first order Clicking HERE.

Must-Have Gift Ideas for Planners

Small photo Printer

These small photo printers are brilliant! You can easily print right from your phone. The 2 x 3 inche photos have a sticky back so you can easily add photos in your planner.

Paper Trimmer –

I love this paper trimmer and find myself using it pretty often. It’s thin and the blade is safe so you don’t have to worry about little hands getting hurt.

Pen case –

It is nice to have an organized case to store your pens, markers, white out and pencils. This one is my favorite!

Tiny Ruler

These small rules are great to keep inside your planner to use when creating straight lines and graphs.

Paint Pallet Knife –

This is a great tool for cutting your washi tape easily. No more sicissor needed, just hold the knive along the tape and tear a neat straight line!

Whiteout Tape

I know I know, this isn’t a glamourous gift but pair it with some fun pens and they will love it. Trust me we all make mistakes and this white-out tape is the best!

UnDo Sticker Remover

This stuff is pretty amazing. If your recipient uses planner stickers this is a must-have! It easily removes stickers so you can move them without ruining the paper.

Acrylic Pen Organizer

I recently got this and I’m in love! I love to display my big pen collection in a way that I can actually find the pen that I want and it looks so pretty on my desk. If they have a LOT of pens you might want to buy two!

Planner Stickers –

Washi Tape

Washi Tape… If you buy your planner girl anything this year buy her WASHI TAPE!! There are so many great options out there – don’t forget to check out Etsy as well!

Thin Washi Tape –

This thin washi tape is perfect for dividing boxes in planners. We planner girls love it and can’t get enough! I just added a new link to the washi tape as the tape pictured above is often out of stock.

Pens Planners Love

  • Frixion Pen – I use and love these erasable pens. They are perfect for the perfectionist!
  • Pilot G2 – These are some of the best gel pens.
  • Sarasa – These pens have become one of the new popular pens.
  • Flair Pens
  • Sharpie ultra fine markers – These are great for slick stickers that need an ink that won’t smear.
  • Mildliners – these are my go-to for adding color and highlighting in my planners. I might be a little addicted!
  • Staedtler Pens – It’s no secret why these pens are so popular! With a great fine line and bright color any planner or artist would love a set of these great pens!

How to book for modern calligraphy and lettering

Another great gift idea for a planner is a book to learn how to improve handwriting and learn how to write beautiful lettering. This one is a best seller that people love.

Adhesive Roller –

This glue is much cleaner than a messy glue stick for decorating planner pages.

Silhouette Cameo 4 –

This is the perfect gifts for someone who want’s to make their own planner stickers. It can do so much! Make stickers, vinyl stickers, personalize just about anything!

Gifts for Bullet Journal Lovers

The Bullet Journal Method – by Ryder Carroll

Get started bullet journaling with this book by the original bullet journal creator, Ryder Carroll. This book gives easy to understand, simple instructions on how to bullet journal. This is a must-have!

Moleskine Notebook –

I’m in love with the quality of Moleskine notebooks and any planner girl would love one under the tree! This is one of the most popular brands of notebooks for bullet journaling.

Leuchtturm 1917 Dotted Journal

These notebooks. are very similar to Moleskine. One benefit to these notebooks is that the pages are already numbered – a huge help if you’re using them for bullet journaling.

Planner Stencils

If you need a little help when drawing in your bullet journal a stencil is a helpful too. You can draw banners, a column of check boxes, shapes, letters, icons, and more!

Ruler for Bullet Journaling

If. you are creating our own layouts in your bullet journal a good reuler is crucial. This one is perfect for bullet journalers.

Looking for Great Gift Ideas?

What’s on your wish list?

I hope you found just the right gift!

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