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50 Gifts for Working Moms – Gifts They Actually Want

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Are you looking for gifts for working moms that they will actually love? Sometimes it can be hard to find a perfect gift so I’ve compiled 50 great gifts for working moms that are perfect for every occasion. 

I love hand-picking gifts to fit each of my friend’s talents and interests, and today I’m thrilled to share some of my top picks for gifts that working moms really want! As a business owner, I had so much fun putting this list together.

If you’re a working mom, I hope that you will find new, creative gift ideas to share with your family and friends. Or if you know a working mom, here are a few ideas to get you started!

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50 Great gifts for working moms:

Great gifts for working moms self care

Do you find yourself wondering what are some great gifts to give a working mom? I have 50 fun, unique and practical gifts for the busy moms in your life. Or maybe you’re loved one has a hard time picking just the right gift for you – send them this post as a handy reference for upcoming holidays.

1. Happy Light for desk – 

This might seem like a bit of an odd gift, but these HappyLights are mood savers!! They help improve your mood and combat anxiety and sleeping issues by providing a moderate UV light (like sunshine!) As someone who struggles with Seasonal Affective Disorder, this is a great gift for anyone stuck in an office all winter!

2. Neck Massager

I purchased this for my husband as a “we bought a house and just moved” gift. I knew he would be sore from the move and this massager was perfect for his sore neck and back. I’ve since commandeered the gift and use it every time I have tension in my neck. I’m so impressed with it and can’t believe it’s such a great price!

3. One step Hair Dryer and Volumizer – Hot Air Brush

This all-in-one hair drying brush is one of the most wished-for items on Amazon (meaning it’s one of the most popular items that people have added to their wishlist.)

4. Bath Bombs

Help her relax with a few organic, handmade, and natural bath bombs. These are packaged so beautifully. You can ship them directly to your mom-boss friend, and she will love them!

5. Lavender Eye Pillow

This soft and aromatic eye pillow will help relieve tension and stress.

6. Jade Roller & Gua Sha – Skin Care tools

I’ve been seeing these everywhere and I have one on my own wishlist! Gua sha is a traditional Chinese healing method that has been proven to improve the look and feel of your skin. If you’ve been on Instagram or TikTok lately you’ve likely seen people demonstrating how to use gua sha tool on your face.

Gifts for working moms for christmas or birthdays.

7. AirPods:

I received a pair of these for my 40th birthday and they are amazing! I didn’t quite believe all the hype but these are by far the best wireless ear pods I’ve ever used. The microphone on them is perfect for those business calls when I’m on the go and I’ve been able to listen to audiobooks and podcasts while driving or shopping. They are fantastic! And yes… I’m a huge Apple Fangirl.

I personally love the original AirPods and the price has dropped a lot since I purchased mine. > Click here for the original

Looking for the newest? the AirPod Pros has been on sale a lot lately, it is regularly on save for up to $50 off!

Ok with a knock-off? These wireless earbuds have excellent ratings!!

8. Tile:

My friend put me on to these and I need one! Tiles help you find your lost keys, phone, purse or any other thing you misplace. Check it out! 

9. Ember Mug:

Working moms are busy, busy at work and too often our coffees get cold, and we can’t have that! This mug will keep your coffee at the perfect temperature that you choose. This is a new 14oz size mug too! Check it out HERE

10. Rocketbook:

This notebook is so cool! If the working mom you’re shopping for is a pen and paper type of girl but also loves technology to keep her organized, this notebook is perfect for her! After taking notes in the notebook she can simply take a photo and her notes will be saved to Evernote, a popular app for notes. 

Looking for a smaller pocket sized RocketBook notebook? The mini RocketBook is new and perfect for your purse or pocket!

11. AirPods case:

The case that comes with Airpods is very slippery and can be hard to grasp. I purchased this silicone case to protect the case and clip the case into my laptop bag. This would make a nice stocking stuffer too!

More Gifts for Working Moms

12. Hatch Smart alarm clock

This alarm clock has been getting tons of praise lately. It is a smart alarm clock, sound machine, and light. The alarm has a “sunrise” feature that peacefully wakes you up each morning. The sounds machine and light are also used to calm you at the end of the day. With calming sounds or music and dim lighting, it helps you to wind down, fall asleep, and sleep deeper.

13.Indian Healing Clay Face Mask 

This popular clay mask is for your face, hair or body. It works as a face mask, hair mask, foot soak or in the bath.

14. Single-serve coffee or espresso maker 

Single serve coffee and espresso machines are so handy in an office setting, especially in a home office. Both the Keurig and Nespresso Machine options have a water reservoir so she won’t have to fill up a pot to brew a quick cup of coffee or espresso.

15. Milk Frother

Whipping up some frothed milk can make even a basic cup of coffee special. Milk frothers are also great gifts for the hot chocolate or chai tea lovers out there!

16. Craft Kit from Annies

Sometimes crafting is self-care. Annie’s offers a variety of craft/art kits: Knitting, farmhouse style crafts, crocheting, quilting, yarn crafts. You’re sure to find something fun that mom will love! Use this LINK to save 50% off your first kit!

17. WIFI Digital Picture Frame – 

This is the perfect gift for her home or office. You can use the frame’s unique email address to send photos right to the frame. This is a great gift if you don’t live near your mom too. Find out more about the frame HERE.

18. Foot Massager:

This looks dreamy!! Who wouldn’t want to rest with a nice foot massage at the end of a long day? I have terrible foot pain and I would LOVE this! hint, hint – This is often on sale around Mother’s Day!

19. Standing Desk – 

One office must-haves is a standing desk!! Standing desks will save your neck and back and gave you more energy throughout the day.

20. Ring Lights  – 

If your work-at-home mama is on social media or creating videos online, a ring light is a must-have. Even if she’s looking for better lighting for daily Zoom meetings a ring light can really help!

21. Throw for the office – 

My office is in our finished basement, and sitting for a few hours can get chilly. I love having a soft, cozy throw on my chair to keep me comfy.

22. Amazon Echo Dot 

Do you ever have a great idea, think of something you needed to add to your grocery list, or just need to hear some high energy music to get you moving? Technology to the rescue! Echo Dots also make great intercoms!

23. PowerSheets: 

2021 Goal Planner! Business owners often have important goals but don’t know where to start. This is not a daily/weekly planner – it is so much more. The PowerSheets Goal Planner will help her cultivate good goals for her business and/or personal life and walks her through how to achieve them. She will begin making progress on her goals immediately!

24. Inkwell Press Planners: 

I have been a committed Inkwell Press Planner using for years. They offer weekly planners, daily planners, daily docket pads, desk calendars, and much more. You can also save $10 on your first purchase of $50 or more!

Gifts for working moms

25. Erin Condren Planners :

These planners have a cult-like following and I’ve recently switched back to using their hourly layout and I’m loving it! Click here to save $10 on your first purchase at ErinCondren.com!

26. Apple Watch 

I have been loving my Apple Watch 6! I love how functional it is. The fact that I could leave my phone somewhere else in the house but still receive important messages is a huge win. Plus, I love talking to myself… I mean, talking to Siri… she keeps me organized. I don’t think I need to sell you on the idea of gifting an Apple Watch, just go do it!! Get the latest Apple Watch Series 6!

27. The 6 Minute Journal – 

The 6-minute journal will encourage her to focus on the good and keep positive and powerful habits in your everyday.

28. Beautiful 2021 Wall Calendar

I have found some of the most beautiful wall calendars online.

29. Frixion Pens:

My favorite pens ever they write smooth and are easily erasable. 

30. Electric Kettle:

Coffee lover or tea lover, this electric kettle is a must-have for every office. These electric kettles easily heat up your water in just minutes.

31. Essential Oil Diffuser:

I love using a diffuser in my office. I usually diffuse my favorite blends or specific oils to help with focus and concentration. 

32. GTD Book:

This book has revolutionized my productivity and changed the way I manage projects.

33. Bluelight glasses:

These glasses block out the blue light that can harm vision by damaging the eye’s retina. Blue light also suppresses your body’s secretion of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep cycles. Many people who wear these in the evening say that they sleep so much better at night.

34. Hair Mask:

Who doesn’t like a little pampering? This hair mask has the highest ratings and is a favorite of thousands of women. 

35. Noise Cancelling Headphones:

I have these headphones and they have been a great investment. Not only do they block out all the distracting noise, but if you work at coffee shops or a shared office, these send the gentle “please don’t interrupt me” message.

36. Sonos:

If you are looking for the best wireless speaker – this is the one! Another excellent gift idea that any working mom would love.

37. Sleep Mask:

Long workdays require good sleep and this sleep mask has amazing ratings!

38. Rosehip Oil:

Self-care is hard for working moms. My nightly skincare routine is one of the ways I can have some self-care without taking hours. Having a nice oil for your skin can really make a big difference in your skin! 

39. Portable Chargers: 

This set of 2 chargers solves the problem I’ve had with portable chargers, it always runs out of power right when I need it. Having one charger ready to go at all times is super helpful and the dock makes charging them easy without more cords laying around.

40. Live Plants:

Did you know you can order live plants online? Etsy has several great shops that deliver live house plants. Check out Florida Plants Garden on Etsy

41. USB Hub Adapter:

This little gadget has been so helpful, I should have gotten one earlier. I can plug in all of my desk electronics (monitor, mouse, keyboard, even the power cord to the hub, and when I’m done working at my desk I can just unplug the hub and go instead of unplugging everything from my computer. If you or a loved one works from a laptop but docks it to work on an external monitor, this is a super useful gift!

42. Laptop backpack:

I was gifted this backpack to review from Knack and I’ve fallen in love. My old laptop back was hurting my shoulders and things were getting lost in the bag because the storage wasn’t great. This Knack Backpack is insane! I have the Medium bag and it holds everything I need for work. They did an incredible job with the layout and options. I can pack for an entire weekend with an expandable compartment. I’m super impressed and think that this a great gift for any busy working mom!

You can also enter to win a free backpack by simply signing up for their email list! Totally worth it!

43. Church Street Designs bottles:

These gorgeous amber bottles are a nice gift for a working mom who loves adding beautiful touches to her home. 

44. Hex Timer:

Using a timer at work is a great way to be more productive and stay on task. I love how simple this hex timer works just flip it to the time you want to track and it begins automatically. Great for entrepreneurs that use the Pomodoro Technique for productivity. 

45. Contigo Vacuum Insulated Travel mug:

Looking for a leak-proof travel mug? With this travel mug, you can just toss it in your work purse or bag and not have to worry about leaking coffee or water all over!

46. Presentation Remote:

Giving presentations may be a part of their job and having a small presentation remote will make this task so much easier!

47. Slippers:

While I do try to get fully dressed most workdays and work from a co-working office, there are days that I look forward to staying home and being comfy in yoga pants, a sweatshirt, and a cozy pair of slippers. Give the gift of high-quality slippers!

48.  Stitch Fix Gift Card 

Give her the gift of a personal stylist and a box of 5 personalized items that fit her style, fit, and price range. She can set up her style profile and have her personal stylist hand-pick items that are perfect. There’s no subscription required and items can be returned or exchanged at no additional cost. Use this link to order a Stitch Fix Gift Card today

49. Audible:

Listening to audiobooks has enabled me to read more books than ever. Last year I read 18 books! You can give the gift of an Audible membership by clicking the link above. 

50. Amazon Prime Gift Membership:

Did you know that you can gift an Amazon Prime membership? Who doesn’t love 2-day shipping??

51. Working Weekend Retreat:

One of my top items on my wishlist is to have a weekend working retreat. One or two nights at a local hotel alone so I can relax, refocus and get some special work done would be amazing! Being a working mom comes with the added difficulty of balancing work and home. Being given the gift of a weekend away, to refresh or work on projects is such a blessing, consider gifting a loved one some time away. It will be the gift they talk about for years to come!

52. Gift Cards:

Amazon.com, Starbucks, Target, etc. Let’s be honest, most of us have a long wishlist and would love a gift card to pick out that item we’ve been really wanting.  It’s an easy gift (yay for the gift giver!) and you can always tuck it into a card and save on postage.

Looking for more great gift ideas?

Did you find a great gift for a working mom you know?

I hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for the working woman in your life. Be sure to PIN THIS POST so you can find it next time you need to buy a gift for a working mom in your life or make a wishlist for yourself.

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