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60+ Best Gifts for Men Who are Hard to Buy For

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Are you trying to find a special gift for a man in your life? Shopping for Husbands, Boyfriends, and Fathers can be difficult, so I’ve put together a huge list of the best gift ideas for men who are hard to buy for.I tried to make sure to find special gifts for guys who love tech, travel, fitness, for guys who work in an office, work outside, and love to grill. I think you’ll find the perfect gift.

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Gifts For The Man Who Has Everything:

Neck Massager:

If you buy one thing from this list BUY THIS!! You won’t regret it. I purchased this as a gift for my husband when we bought our house – He had been working so hard and deserved a little pampering. I can’t tell you how much we love this massager – it’s worth every penny and we use it all the time. We’ve been very impressed with it and it’s a great price!


Tile Bluetooth locators are a great way to track keys, wallets, or other valuables. The tile device is a great gift to help him find the lost items quickly. 

Kindle PaperWhite:

If you have an avid reader – even a newspaper reader a kindle is a great option!

Espresso Machine:

We have had a Nespresso machine for several years and it is wonderful. It makes the smoothest most delicious espresso! The Aeroccino froths up milk perfectly too! You can also purchase the Milk Frother by itself here: Aeroccino Milk Frother.


We got an Aeropress and still use it, especially when we travel. It’s so easy to use and makes a great cup of coffee.

Silicone Ring

Some careers and hobbies can be rough on a man’s hands. Often wedding rings get damaged as a result. Keep their ring safe with this alternative Silicone ring. They are perfect for mechanics, CrossFit members, hunters, or any guy who’s rough on their hands. 

Gerber Suspension multiplier Multi tool:

My husband has one of these and uses it all of the time! It really is handy with 11 tools.

AfterShokz bone conduction headphones:

These are so cool and unique – who knew that sound could be conducted through your bones? After reading the reviews I knew that these had to go on my list!

Beard Oil:

If your husband is anything like mine he’s got a nice beard growing, but man – they can get rough! These beard oils are so nice and really do soften the beard (and smell amazing!)

Beard Brush:

Yes, if your guy has a longer beard he should brush it. These boar hair brushes seem to be the most highly recommended.

Find a special gift for your husband, father, grandfather or friend.

Beard straightener:

Say what?? Yes, this is a real product that men are really using! Just read the reviews and you’ll see that using a beard straightener has become normal for many men with long beards.

Super Slim Wallet:

Many guys love a super minimal wallet and I found this super highly rated wallet that I think most guys will love.

Smart outlet:

He’ll love telling Alexa “Turn off the lights” with these smart outlets.

Smart Bulbs:

Maybe he’d like to have the lightbulbs change color – these can be managed by his cell phone or smart gadget to set timers, change colors, some even come with wifi speakers built right in!

Whiskey stones:

Whiskey lovers will love this gift – ice cold drinks without watering it down.

Contour Gauge:

This is one brilliant tool. This contour gauge is used to help create the perfect outline for any project. Simply put it up against your surface when you’re cutting wood, flooring or other projects and you can cut the perfect outline!

Super Unique Coffee Maker:

For the coffee lover, this cold brew coffee maker is brilliant!


If your husband or loved ones commute to work, an Audible membership would be a super thoughtful gift. He can enjoy listening to his favorite books every month! 

Amazon Prime Gift Membership:

Give the gift of 2-day (or next day) shipping, prime video access, and other awesome Amazon Prime perks!

Send Steaks from HomeChef: 

HomeChef is our favorite meal delivery service but did you know that you can order a box of  Essential protein pack (includes 4 chicken breasts, 24 oz ground turkey, 4 Italian sausages, and 20 oz ground beef) or the Seafood Sampler (includes 4 salmon fillets, 16 oz jumbo shrimp, and 8 oz scallops) Save $35 off when you use this LINK.

Gifts for Business Travelers

Many men travel for business or fun and could use an upgrade on some of their most-used travel gear.

Apple AirPods:

These made my top 10 products of 2020! I didn’t believe the hype until I got my own AirPods. I use them every single day. They are comfortable, have great audio, and the microphone works so well – I regularly use my AirPods when I’m having meetings with clients so my hands are free for note-taking (or coffee drinking). 

Silicone AirPods Case:

Once you have them you won’t want anything to happen to them – these inexpensive silicone cases protect your AirPod case/charger and add a nice grippy texture to the otherwise slippery case.

Leather AirPods Case:

This is a very nice, classic alternative to silicone cases. The all-leather case has a nice snap closure to keep your AirPods safe.

Sleep Mask: 

These 3D contoured sleep masks are made for comfort and would be perfect for anyone who travels or takes long flights where they may need to get in a quick nap.

Bose QuietComfort 35:

(Series II) Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling: These are one of the most popular top-of-the-line wireless, noise-canceling headphones, any guy would be happy to receive these as a gift!

Stainless Steel Travel Mug:

Stainless Steel Travel Mug: We love these travel mugs, they keep our drinks hot (or cold!), have a lock so there’s no leaking and they fit in the car cup holder (trust me, this is important!)

Flat Water Bottle:

If you’re looking for a more sleek, narrow water bottle to fit in a briefcase, you need to check out the design of this flat water bottle!

Sleep Headphones:

These sleep headphones are a great solution for traveling workers, giving them a comfortable way to listen to music, audiobooks, or white noise (ocean sounds, soft rain…) before going to bed. Hands-free and comfortable these headphones are made for bedtime!

Gifts For Men Who Work from Home

As someone who works at a desk all day, I’d say these gifts are great for guys who work in an office or work from home. Upgrading tools or supplies that he uses at work can sometimes be the perfect gift!

GTD Book:

If your guy likes time management or is obsessed with productivity then he needs this book! 

Ember Mug:

This mug keeps your coffee perfectly warm for hours! It connects to your phone and you can set the temperature to the perfect temperature for you. 

Gifts for guy 2021

USB Hub adapter:

This is a great tool if you are connecting extra monitors, keyboards, etc to your laptop and want an easy way to plug everything in easily – Perfect for someone who moves their laptop in and out of an office!

HyperDrive USB C Hub:

If you want a higher-end hub option this is for you! 


This was my TOP SELLING item in 2019 and I own one and love it! This notebook is brilliant! If the guy you’re shopping for uses a pen and paper type but also loves technology to stay organized, this notebook is perfect for him! After taking notes in the notebook you can simply take a photo and the notes will be saved to Evernote, Google Drive, emailed, or sent to another program that you choose.

Rocketbook Mini:

This smaller notepad fits easily in a pocket for on-the-go note-taking with all the benefits of the larger Rocketbook notebook.

Pomodoro timer:

One popular productivity tip is to work in timed intervals called Pomodoros. Then take a short break and then do start another Pomodoro. This helps you to stay more focused and have more focus when working. A Pomodoro timer is super helpful and makes a great gift. 

Presentation Remote:

If your husband is a speaker or presenter a presentation remote is a must-have and it’s nice to have. a really nice one.

Gifts For Men Who Work Outside

Waterproof headphones:

Waterproof headphones are another great idea for men who work outside or workout. They are waterproof and sweat-proof.


Having lunch, drinks, and snacks handy while working outside is important and this cooler keeps ice frozen for up to 4 days! I’d say that’s pretty cool.

Yeti Lunch Bag:

The most popular water bottles now make an incredible lunch bag!


My husband loves tea – HOT tea, and this thermos has been a favorite for the past few years. He uses it every day and it keeps his drinks super hot!

Work Gloves:

Work gloves take a beating so why not give him an upgraded version?


These reusable earplugs are adjustable and comfortable. They are great for all-day use and a whole lot nicer than foam earplugs.

Clip-on Hat Lights:

These clip-on lights are great for working outside, hunting, fishing or auto repair (whenever you need a little extra light.

Heated vest:

I kind of want this for myself. If your husband works outside, for his career or fun (think, hunting, camping, fishing) then this vest would be a great gift!

Point and shoot thermometer :

This is one cool gadget. Just point it at a wall, window or item and see it’s the temperature.

Laser Level:

This laser level creates a 360-degree horizontal laser line, squaring lines and plumbing lines. It pretty much does everything!

Gifts For Men Who Love to Grill

Patio Heater:

Have you seen those tall heaters that restaurants have on their dining patios to keep customers warm? These are perfect for your home patio or deck. I was surprised to see how affordable these patio heaters are! 

Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer:

Grilling + Techie gadget = Happy gril master!

Smoker wood chips popular flavors:

I keep hearing how popular Traeger smokers are. It seems like smoking meat is a huge hobby for men. If he is into smoking he will likely love receiving smoker wood chips to use.

Bug zapper:

Nobody likes mosquitos and files ruining their time outdoors and what husband would love swatting them with this bug zapper? 

Grill mat:

For the more practical guy, this patio mat will protect your patio/deck. 

Sauce Pot and basting brush:

This is another great practical gift that he will actually use!

BBQ Light:

Give him a little extra light at the grill for those late-night BBQs! 

Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth speaker:

You know it will get left outside so you’d better make sure it’s waterproof!

Gifts For Men Who are Bodybuilders or into Crossfit

Goat Tape:

I’ve been told that this is one of the best tapes for weightlifting.

Muscle foam roller:

Muscle massage foam roller to help massage out tight muscles – we have one of these and it’s incredible for sore legs!

Deep tissue massage balls

These massage balls give a more focused relief for sore muscles.

Knee support sleeves:

These support sleeves are great to help manage knee pain, give extra support for weight lifting and running.

Resistance fitness bands:

Resistance bands are super versatile and easy to travel with. They don’t take up much room either, so if you don’t have enough space for a collection of gym equipment in your home start with resistance bands! Resistance training is also excellent when recovering from an injury or to increase your flexibility.

Gym bag:

Do you have a CrossFit guy in your life then they would love this bag – it holds everything!!

Workout Gloves:

His hands take a beating when he’s working out – the bars at a gym can be really tough on his hands and these workout gloves are a big help to not only protect hands but also give him extra grip when he needs it.

I hope you were able to find the perfect gift for your husband or other guys in your life.

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