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Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Printable + 50 Habit Tracker Ideas

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Looking for a habit tracker for your bullet journal? Bullet Journaling is a popular method of planning and taking notes. It’s a great tool for those of us who LOVE pen and paper. While I love all of the gorgeous hand-drawn bullet journal templates, I know that mine will never look quite as pretty, so I often look for printable bullet journal templates. One of my most used templates is a habit tracker template and it works great in a bullet journal. I’m also including 50 habit tracker ideas to help you get started.

In this post I will answer the questions:

  • Why should you add a habit tracker to your bullet journal?
  • What is habit tracking?
  • What should you track in your bullet journal habit tracker?
  • Why does habit tracking work?
  • What should I track in a habit tracker? 50 ideas for you.
  • What you’ll need to add this printable habit tracker in to your bullet journal.
  • How to get your free bullet journal habit tracker printable.
  • How to print a Habit Tracker for your Bullet Journal.

Why should you add a habit tracker to your bullet journal?

One benefit of using your bullet journal to track your habits is that they are super portable and easy to keep with you. Rather than carrying around a larger, bulky planner, a bullet journal is usually about 6″ x 8 1/4. It is usually not very thick and doesn’t typically have big ring binding to get in the way.

What is a Habit Tracking?

To give you a quick overview, habit tracking is simply a way to keep a record of your daily, weekly, or monthly habits. Because it usually takes at least a few weeks to stick to a new habit, having a way to track your progress is really helpful. You can read my detailed post about Habit Tracking post here.

There’s a saying, “Motivation is what gets you started.” I think this is true for creating and sticking with new habits. Half the battle is staying motivated.

Get Started with Habit Tracking plus free Template -

Why does habit tracking work?

A habit is “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.”

I love that definition because the end gives me hope. “hard to give up”. When we are trying to create helpful or healthy habits one of the biggest hurdles is your mindset. Feeling like you’re just going to fail. This is why habit tracking is so helpful. Watching your progress over time can become super motivating and creates sort of a game, where you try to create a streak of success. I’m a super competitive person so making it a game keeps me super motivated.

Habit tracker for your bullet journal

50 Bullet Journal Habit Tracking Ideas for Your Bullet Journal:

  1. Wake up earlier
  2. Drink more water
  3. Eating a healthy breakfast
  4. Going for a daily walk
  5. Go outside for 20 minutes a day
  6. Limit your screen time/social media
  7. Read __ minutes a day
  8. Go to the gym or working out
  9. Track your daily yoga practice
  10. Spend 1-on-1 time with your partner, spouse, child, or friend.
  11. Call a close friend or family member
  12. Clean up after making a meal
  13. Empty and shiny kitchen sink before bed (*hat tip to the FlyLady)
  14. Wipe down the counters every day
  15. Floss your teeth
  16. Take daily vitamins or medication
  17. Write or say daily affirmations
  18. Do not spend any money
  19. Do your skincare routine
  20. Make your bed
  21. Put away shoes (seriously this is one of mine!) 
  22. Compliment someone random (this is a fun one!) 
  23. Text a friend
  24. Do physical therapy stretches
  25. Complete your daily journaling
  26. Complete your morning routine
  27. Eat Lunch (I often forget to do this)
  28. Check bank account
  29. Do 1 load of laundry
  30. Transfer money to savings
  31. Read scriptures
  32. Clean out your email inbox all emails (many people call this “getting to inbox zero”
  33. Delete unnecessary photos from your phone each night
  34. Clean off your desk after work
  35. Read to the children
  36. Practice a new language
  37. Do a craft or hobby 
  38. Clean garbage out of the car
  39. Get ingredients ready for tomorrow night’s dinner
  40. Post to social media
  41. Work on your photo book
  42. Do cardio workout
  43. Water the plants
  44. Sweep the floor
  45. Reset the kitchen for the next day
  46. Reply to all text messages
  47. Go through and cleanup photos on your phone
  48. Practice a musical instrument
  49. Run ___ miles 
  50. Go to bed by ____ (pick a time, be specific!) 
Monthly Habit Tracker for your bullet journal

What You’ll Need to add this Printable Habit Tracker in to your Bullet Journal

Things you’ll Need to Printing your Daily Schedules

A GOOD PRINTER I recently purchased the HP ENVY 6055 printer and I love it. The print quality is excellent and I signed up for HP Instant Ink and get automatic ink delivery. I signed up for the 50 pages/month plan and pay just $2.99/mo. Color, black and white, and photos all cost the same and are included in your printing. Ink, shipping, and recycling are included. If you purchase an HP Printer you can sign up and get 1 FREE MONTH FREE INK – clicking here.

QUALITY PRINTER PAPER – I may be a paper snob but I love good quality paper. My favorite paper for printables is this one. It is super bright white, smooth, and a nice thickness so you don’t get too much bleed through. If you want a more premium paper I highly suggest trying this super-premium presentation paper. It’s lovely!

LAMINATOR – I’ve had this laminator for over 10 years and it’s as good as new. It is super affordable too!


PAPER CUTTER – I love this paper trimmer because it’s thin and doesn’t take up too much room. It’s also safer if you have little hands around.

ADHESIVE TAPE – This Tombow adhesive applicator puts down tiny dots that have a great grip. You don’t need to use too much which makes it an affordable choice.

Print the Habit Tracker for your Bullet Journal

To print the habit tracker template to fit in your bullet journal simply print 1 copy of the template and cut it out. It should be about A5 (8.5×5.5). You will get 2 habit trackers on each page.

Depending on your bullet journal size you may want to increase or decrease the size a little. (see screenshot below for Mac instructions.) If you need help increasing/decreasing the size of your page on a PC click here.

It might take a few tries depending on the size of your notebook but it should print pretty close to the correct size the first time.

Once you’ve printed your page you’ll want to cut the page in half. I usually trim around my habit tracker as well, to make it fit on my page better. Then affix it to a page in your bullet journal and you’re ready to go!

This habit tracker can also be printed and added to a ring or disc-bound planner.

You should receive your download link via e-mail within the hour. Be sure you check your SPAM or Promotions folder if you’re not finding the e-mail. If, after an hour, you have not received your link, please contact me and I’ll help you figure out what happened.

The fine print:
For personal use only. Please do not reproduce or redistribute without written permission. Classroom use is permitted.

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