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What is KiwiCo? Our Honest Review

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Have you heard about KiwiCo and its popular Kiwi Crate? This post will explain what KiwiCo is and help you pick the right KiwiCo product for your child.

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When looking at reviews for KiwiCo I read lots of reviews of their popular KiwiCrate but not many reviews of Kiwi Crate’s other products. While many KiwiCo products are great for many ages, I had no idea that they had boxes for older kids (they’re even great for adults!)

We chose the DoodleCrate for 9-16 yr olds for our 13-year-old daughter. Today we’re sharing our review of the KiwiCo Felt Succulent Gardens Doodle Crate. First, we’ll cover what KiwiCo is…

What is KiwiCo?

When we were looking for fun indoor activities for our kids we found KiwiCo. KiwiCo is a subscription service that delivers everything your kids will need to make, create and play. KiwiCo has several different variations available for all ages (ALL AGES!!)

What are the Different Kiwi Boxes?

Panda Crates were created to be developmentally appropriate based on research in partnership with the Seattle Children’s Hospital (I think this is impressive!). All activities are hands-on and fun!

Every Koala Crate comes with all of the supplies for 2-3 fun activities. Activities are educational and created just for little hands to play and learn.

Kiwi Crates include a hands-on project for 5-8-year-olds that will introduce them to art, science, and engineering principles in a fun, interactive way.

Atlas Crates include globally inspired projects and activities that explore world cultures, geography and teach STEAM concepts. Each box includes an Atlas Adventure Book (like a little passport) with collectible cards and stickers.

Doodle Crates focus on Art and Design for your tween and teenage children. They teach new techniques with easy step-by-step instructions.

The Tinker Crates has a focus on Science and Engineering with these innovative STEM projects.

Maker Crate is for teens and adults, teaching new art and design techniques. Creative tools will help budding artists and makers gain new confidence and enjoy trying new projects.

Eureka Crates are made for Teens and Adults with a focus on Science and Engineering these more complex projects are great for teenagers and adults alike. Each project includes high-quality supplies and equipment to help you create a real functional object.

Our Honest Review of the KiwiCo Doodle Crate

My children are 11 and 13 years old currently and I was excited to see that KiwiCo offers boxes for older children. We ordered each of the children a box for Christmas. Our 13-year-old daughter received a Doodle Crate – She got the felt succulent box. This was perfect for my crafty daughter who loves succulents. She dug into the box right away and got to work.

The box came with everything you need to make the craft. I was impressed with how organized it was. Everything was labeled and packaged well.

Each box comes with easy-to-follow instructions with clear pictures. You can also watch the instructional videos for each box. Our daughter used the videos to help her with the project, although I do think that she would have been fine just following the instructions that were included. She enjoyed checking her project along the way to make sure it looked right.

We were impressed with the different art techniques that she used when making this project. She shaded some of the felt leaves using crayons, which we thought was brilliant. 

The final project turned out so cute! It’s been a month and she still has this little succulent project proudly displayed in her bedroom. I think it took her about an hour to complete the project.

Who should try a KiwiCo box?

KiwiCo offers craft and project boxes that anyone would love! Check the list above and see what kind of box would be right for your child.

Check out all of the different boxes below:

Panda (Ages 0-2)Koala (Ages 2-4)
Kiwi (Ages 5-8)Atlas (Ages 6-11)
Doodle (Ages 9-16+)Tinker (Ages 9-16+)
Maker (Ages 14-104)Eureka (Ages 14-104)

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