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Batch Cooking Day

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Last week Rebekah from Simply Rebekah and I embarked on our second BIG cooking day.  In 2010 we did a Once A Month cooking day. It was a long, tiring day but we accomplished so much and had a bounty of food to show for our hard work.

When we started discussing doing another cooking day we knew we wanted to do it a little different.

Instead of using a plan from Once A Month Mom (which I still recommend) we decided to plan our own menu.  We e-mailed  back and forth with meals or recipes that we wanted to make, we narrowed them down and had a list. Here’s what we ended up with:

The Cost Breakdown:

Total Cost: $80.12

Total Meals: 11

Total Meal Starters: 13 (taco meat, pizza dough, etc)

$3.34 per meal/starter

This does not include:

Lots of banana bread – about 6 mini loaves and 9 muffins

2 bags of peanut butter granola

4 cans worth of black beans

We also each walked home with the leftover ingredients (bananas, flour, spices, cheese, ziplock bags, etc)

** thank you Rebekah for figuring out the numbers and totals **


I’ll be sharing more details about our cooking day later this week, so be sure to check back! (and yes, there will be recipes and a video!)

Be sure to stop over and visit Simply Rebekah to read her posts on our cooking day:

Freezer Cooking Day Part 1

Freezer Cooking Day Part 2


Are you intimidated by doing a batch cooking or Once a Month Cooking Day?  Do you have any specific questions or concerns?

Let me know your questions in the comments.

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