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Organized Kitchen Drawers Solution for a Small Kitchen

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If you have a smaller kitchen then you know the importance of using every inch you have to keep your kitchen organized. One trouble area in our kitchen is our lack of drawer space. I finally found a way for us to have more organized kitchen drawers in our small space.

BEFORE: Messy and crowded kitchen drawer.

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Organized Kitchen Drawer Solution

When we moved in 2 years ago, we used a traditional silverware tray that expanded. It worked ok but we really didn’t have enough room for our larger cutlery like serving spoons, ice cream scoops, reusable straws, and other odds and ends.

I really wanted a way to consolidate the storage but it was hard to find anything smaller. Then I stumbled upon this new style of cutlery tray by Joseph Joseph. You can find it on Amazon HERE.

It stores your cutlery vertically to save space. I had a few concerns with this tray when I ordered it.

  1. Will all of our cutlery fit?
  2. Would the tray be too high for our drawers and keep the drawer from fully closing/opening?
  3. Is it awkward to put away clean silverware?
  4. Would it be easy to find the silverware you needed?

Luckily all of my concerns were not an issue.

1. We have a double set of silverware so we have about 12 forks, knives, and spoons. We also have tiny coffee spoons that we brought back from Ireland that I love using. All of the silverware fit perfectly with a little extra room. Our mini spoons have their own little space at the very top, which was perfect too!

Organized Kitchen Drawers with new space saving cutlery tray

2. We have builder’s grade kitchen cabinets and drawers and we have no problem with the silverware fitting! The drawer was deep enough for the silverware to easily slide by the top of the drawer. No jamming!

3. I was worried about putting away silverware quickly because we’re used to just tossing the clean cutlery in the drawer super quick, except for my son who meticulously stacks the silverware (God bless him!)

4. One nice thing about the tray is that it has little icons to show you where to put/find your cutlery. There is a little fork, knife, and spoon icon on the top right of each section so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. To be honest, within a day or two of the switch, we all had no trouble finding what we needed without the icons.

AFTER: Super Organized Kitchen Drawer!

I did pick up a few extra organizing trays for the bigger utensils and accessories. I like being able to move things around and rearrange if needed so I opted for modular trays from Amazon. You can find those here: Drawer organizing trays

Joseph Joseph also sells a larger tray that has room for the extras if you’re interested. You can find it on Amazon HERE

I’m really happy with how the drawer turned out! I have some more decluttering to do but I’m happy to finally have more organized kitchen drawers!

Resources for this project: Organized Kitchen Drawers

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