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Get Started with Monthly Meal Planning

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It’s been over a year since I started doing monthly meal planning. What a game changer! Before I found monthly meal planning, I would take time every Sunday to plan out one week’s worth of meals and go grocery shopping for the week. Weekly meal planning was working ok for me but I was still having problems from time to time. Sundays seemed to sneak up on me and I would sit down feeing the pressure and plan my meals, often I would forget and have to figure it all out on Monday morning, which was no fun! I needed a better solution.

Monthly Meal Planning:

  • Saves you time.
  • Saves you money.
  • Saves your sanity!

Saves you Time

By taking just 30 minutes a month to create a plan, you will save lots of time! Instead of spending time digging through the freezer, wandering the grocery store and hunting through your cookbooks, you will already have a plan in place. You’ll take less trips to the grocery store, picking up most of your groceries in just one trip each month.

Saves You Money

No more running to the closest fast food place because you don’t know what to make for dinner. When you get to the end of a busy day you can feel reassured knowing that you have a plan in place and all of the ingredients are already in the house. How much money could you save if you stopped making those expensive trips to Mc Dinner’s? It adds up quick!

The typical American spends about $3,000 on fast food annually (for 2.5 people). That breaks down to $250 a month and roughly $31.25 spent per meal!

Saves your sanity

Taking the time to create a meal plan is a life-saver! Because you have a plan in place, most of the stress you’ve been having will be gone! You will relax more, knowing that you have a meals planned and ingredients purchased. Instead of feeling anxious each night, you will feel confident and prepared.  I’ve spent years creating monthly meal plans and it has been a huge help!

How to get started Meal Planning?

I’ve created a workbook to help you get started with Meal Planning. This workbook will give you the instructions and tools you need to create a 30 day meal plan in just 30 minutes! Once you get into the groove it really can be life-changing! I can’t tell you how much this process has freed up my time. Knowing that I have all of the meals planned for the month, I’m stocked up on ingredients in my pantry and I have a plan for the month has been a big help! I hope you will find Monthly Meal Planning to be just as helpful!

Get your copy today – For just $8

What you’ll get:

  • Instructions to help you get started without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Tips to simplify the process.
  • Printable forms to help you get organized and make monthly meal planning easy!

Are you ready to feel in control instead of anxious when it’s time to make dinner?

Get your copy today – For just $8

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