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Backyard Activities for Kids

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I love summer and I love spending time with our children going on adventures and making memories. Warm weather is on the way and soon our children will be back outside enjoying the sunshine. This list of backyard activities for kids will help you create a fun space with plenty of fun things to keep your children busy.

We’re lucky enough to live in a great neighborhood where our children can and do play outside for hours happily. The neighbors are wonderful and share the values and expectations that we have. I’ve been brainstorming outdoor toy ideas and want to share some of the best backyard activities for kids that I’ve found.

Must have toys for summer

12 Backyard Toys and Activities for Kids 

1. Scooters 

These have to be the most-used gift our children have ever received. They love their scooters! We had them when we were in Ireland and they even traveled home with us. They are super easy to transport in the back of the car, we take them nearly everywhere with us in the summer!

2. Frisbee Golf  

This looks like so much fun! I remember years working at summer camp and one of the activities was Frisbee Golf, the kids just loved it. This would be a great activity for the whole neighborhood.

Frisbee Golf Backyard Activity for Kids
A frisbee golf target with discs

3. Kites 

Our children just love flying kites. I have fond memories at the beach flying my dad’s trick kite for hours. Perfect for that breezy afternoon!

4. Bocce Ball 

We taught our kids how to play bocce ball a few years ago and they really caught on fast. It’s a fun game to teach the neighborhood children and let them play! It’s a fun game that we can play with the kids on the weekend as well.

GIant Checker Set - A great Backyard Activity for Kids
Geneva, Switzerland – April 14, 2019:

 5. Jumbo Checkers 

These jumbo Checkers look like so much fun! Make a typical kids game even more exciting with a giant board and jumbo pieces.

6. Make a Giant Chalkboard 

This is one of those projects that I’ve wanted to do for years! I think this is the perfect project if you have toddlers too, especially if you don’t have a safe driveway or sidewalk for your children to draw on.

7. Jumbo Bowling Set 

Another JUMBO game! How fun! I could see our kids having so much fun with this too!

8. Chalk 

You can never have too much sidewalk chalk!

9. Velcro Catch Set 

We have a set of these and the kids love it. It’s cheap and can help your little ones practice throwing in a fun way.

10. Balls 

Footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, small and big bouncy balls. There are endless games to entertain your kids! The jumbo balls are a hit with our kids too!

11. Cones 

I’ll bet my son could think of a thousand ways to use traffic cones for play. He can create soccer goals, obstacle courses, bike courses, or use them like a megaphone, which is what I always did when I was a kid. They’re also great for setting up boundaries for where your children can play or blocking the end of the driveway.

12. Slip and slide 

Now I have to confess that our children have not yet experienced a slip and side but I think this is the year that will have to change. I like this set because it allows 2 kids to race down the track!

So, work-at-home mamas, FEAR NOT! We can do this! We can get through summer!

It will just take a little extra planning and lots of activities ready for the kids. Stocking up on some really good toys for your kids to play with outside this summer isn’t a bad idea either!

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