Why Periscope is Perfect for Perfectionists!

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I am a perfectionist.

Decision making is not my strength. I’m the queen of over thinking things.

Blogging? Oh my! Hitting that PUBLISH button is hard for me! I will tweak blog posts to death before I finally publish them.

Then I found Periscope. 

Periscope is a LIVE video broadcasting app/social media platform. It’s available on Android and iPhones. You just download the app and sign up via Twitter (or create your own account). Once you’re all set up you can begin start following your friends, watch their videos and do your first BROADCAST! A BROADCAST is a live video where you record yourself or an event and discuss with everyone watching LIVE via text chat. It’s as much fun as it sounds!

These live videos are also called “Scopes”. Periscope only saves your video for a short time and your followers can replay your videos for 24 hours. (You can also use a program called Katch.me to record your Scopes but that’s another post!) You can follow all of my scopes at my Katch.me account here: http://Katch.me/Hey_Donna

Periscope is brilliant and I’ve fallen in love with it!

So, why is Periscope Perfect for Perfectionists?


1. LIVE video means mistakes happen and it’s ok!

You can’t avoid the occasional mistake and it’s ok, because no matter how prepared or organized you are you are likely to make some kind of mistake or have unexpected interruptions. Knowing that you can’t always avoid these little imperfections take the pressure off and helps you to relax a little more.

2. You don’t need high quality audio/video equipment.

I love listening to podcasts and YouTube. Both are a minefield of great information and tutorials. YouTube is HUGE for bloggers but recording and editing a video has always intimidated me. Many podcasters have great mics and edit their audio to make everything sound great. While these outlets sound perfect for bloggers they sound overwhelming to me! I would be editing my videos/podcasts forever to make sure they were “just-so!”. Scopes can be recorded right on your cell phone. You can use a tripod if you have one, but you really don’t have to. While lighting and sound are still important, perfectionists can relax and know that followers are there to watch the REAL you. Periscope is a quick, easy and super personal way to connect with your followers and readers.

Yes, you should always consider your internet connection, lighting and sound. Do your best to make your scope a good experience for your viewers but don’t stress too much. I’ve watched plenty (many!) scopes that had bad lighting, bad angles of the camera (can you say nostrils??!!) etc. but you know something, I’ve still enjoyed the content.

If you have something of value to share, stop over thinking it and get it out there!

3. You can talk about anything!

I have dozens of blog posts saved as a draft, posts that I’ve never published. Many of those posts are just too short or maybe not relevant to my blogs topic of Homeschooling, Homemaking and Productivity. These little posts would make great Scopes! Periscope is the perfect place to discuss a topic that might not make it onto your blog.

4. Can’t find the perfect new post idea?

One thing I struggle with as a perfectionist is making sure that you enjoy reading what I’m writing. I want to write content that you want! During scopes many of you have been asking me great questions – after a 5 minute Scope I can walk away with several blog post ideas! Getting to talk to you LIVE gives me an opportunity that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. The fast-paced discussions on Periscope open up a world of questions and ideas!

As a happy extrovert I love that Periscope is more of a conversation platform instead of just a video platform! 

Are you on Periscope?

If you haven’t already tried out Periscope give it a go! (<–there’s a little Aussie slang!) You don’t HAVE to ever do a broadcast yourself, you can pop into periscope and watch your favorite bloggers, authors, actors etc. If you check it out be sure to follow me, Hey_Donna!

Why Periscope is Perfect for Perfectionists

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    Lisa @CreativLEI
    August 25, 2015 at 11:14 pm

    Great points! I relate so much to this. I’ve kept blog posts in draft for months and years, gripped by the fear that they weren’t ‘right’ and periscope has given me the boost I need to just share. Share the messages He places on my heart. To be authentic and relate to the women I’m connected with.

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