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What’s been keeping me away?

It’s been quite around here…

R   E   A   L   L   Y         Q   U   I   E   T   .  .  .

I’ve left you wondering,

“Where’s Donna?”

Let me tell you… I’ve been busy, really busy

Stripping LOTS of wallpaper from our bedroom walls:

Painting our bedroom:

Planning my little boy’s 1st birthday:

Spending time with my sister and niece:

Celebrating my 30th birthday:

And cleaning up after it all…

So this explains my absence. I did survive the 3 weeks of craziness and I’m ready to get things back to normal around here and I have lots planned

  • This October we will be having a NO SPEND month. We’re going to try to live on $250 for the entire month!
  • I’ll be sharing photos of Caleb’s BIG TOP birthday party, which was a lot of work but so much fun!
  • I’ll be tackling my Christmas plans for this year
  • We’ll take a look back at our garden this year and share what we’ve learned

So please check back… There should be a lot more going on here at Another New Season!

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    October 3, 2009 at 8:54 pm

    whoo-hoo!! I am glad you are back! Before Grace was born I was checking your site a couple times a day…..waiting for you to return! 🙂

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