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Update your Outdoor Lights for Cheap

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I’ve been enjoying making updates in our new home this past winter. We’ve done some painting, hung up farmhouse shelving in the kitchen, and redecorated a few spaces. One small change we made that made a big impact was updating our outdoor lights.

Our little townhouse is really starting to feel like our own. August will make it one full year in our new house! Now that it is finally Spring our attention has turned to the exterior of our house.

I’ve been working on our deck, creating a comfortable space for us to enjoy all summer long. We are planning on restaining the deck next spring but that is a BIG project.

While I would love to replace our outdoor patio lights, it’s just not a priority right now. There are so many gorgeous porch lamps out there to choose from. One thing I noticed is that I really do prefer a flat or matte black finish. I was inspired by several gorgeous lights I found on Amazon:

After accepting defeat and reminding myself that a new light wasn’t in our budget this year, I decided to do the next best time, paint them! Our old lights were an antiqued brass finish, which I don’t love and they were starting to rust. Ok, maybe the ‘rust’ was an intentional look, either way, I didn’t love it.

(side note: If anyone knows how to remove that messy silicone sealant around the light that the previous owners left I’d love to know!) 

How to Update your Outdoor Lights for Cheap

I knew I wanted a nice matte black finish so I headed to the hardware store to see what I should use. I knew we had 2 options – spray paint or brush paint the lights. I knew that spray painting would be quite a production. I would have to cover the siding, protect the decking and use a box so the spray paint didn’t fly everywhere. I couldn’t be bothered so I found a great brush-on option. The oil-based Rustoleum paint was just what I was looking for. It went on smooth and dried quickly. Just be careful, if it’s warm outside it will dry very quickly, so any drips need to be cleaned up right away.

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How to paint your outdoor lights

I grabbed a few foam brushes and headed home to get started. Because I couldn’t easily remove the whole light from the side of the house, I decided to paint most of the light while it was still hanging on the wall. It was a really simple process because there wasn’t much prep. I only had to tape off a few spots of siding and some of the glass on the bulb cover.

First I removed the globe that covered the bulb and set that on the table to paint. I also removed the bulb so it wouldn’t get in my way. I grabbed a ladder and started painting. I carefully brushed on the Rustoleum paint and let the first coat dry before adding a second coat. After 2 coats I let the light dry for 24 hours before putting the globe back on. I didn’t want the paint to be tacky and stick to the glass, so waiting 24 hours was really important.

Here how the outdoor lights turned out:

I couldn’t believe how fast and easy this little project was! It took me less than 30 minutes from start to finish. I was thrilled with the finished product and can’t wait to paint our front porch light next!

I love easy DIY projects like this. They don’t take lots of time and this whole project cost less than $10. We have plenty of leftover paint and I plan on painting our old chairs and possibly some hardware in our house.

Now that the weather is warming up I hope to continue to do small projects outside. We have a good size deck and I’m planning on adding lots of plants, patio lights, and a rug to make it a space we all love to use. I’ve already enjoyed taking my office outside on several warm days, it really has become like an extra room that we use all the time.

What’s on your home improvement list?

We have a never-ending list of things we want to do in our home. What’s on your home improvement to-do list? What fun projects do you have coming up? Be sure to follow me over on Instagram to see the day-to-day happenings and get a closer glimpse into my life.

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