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End of the Year Teacher and Classmate Gift Inspiration

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We are finishing up Claire’s year in Preschool at a local Christian School.  She just adores her teachers they have really been a blessing this year!  She especially loves her music teacher, who calls her “the little composer” because she is always making up cute songs.  I wanted to be sure to give the teacher’s something to say “Thank you” for giving Claire such a wonderful pre-school experience.

So where did I turn for great ideas??

What did you think I come up with this stuff on my own… No no no!  Why re-invent the wheel… 

Gift Ideas Pinterest Board

Pinterest to the rescue!!

Click the image above to see my Pinterest “gifts for GIVING” board.

Gift Idea for the Teachers:

This morning I found this great idea and knew it was “the one” the perfect gift..  (If you knew my love for Starbucks you would agree that this is quite possibly the best gift for me to give to anyone!).

These cute cups with their custom wraps, have a Starbucks gift card inside.

Let’s take a minute for a Public Service Announcement: Let’s be honest, teachers don’t want another mug, box of cookies or apple… gift cards are a GREAT gift for all of the time and hard work teachers put in each year! ( Don’t forget about your Sunday School Teacher’s, they deserve a little “thank you” now and then too!).  Ok, back to the gift ideas…

Top Teacher Coffee Cup Sleeve from Filth Wizardry

Head over to Alpha to get the instructions and printable!

Gift Idea for the Classmates:


Since we will be homeschooling Claire next year I wanted to be able to give her classmates a little something too. I thought this would be a great way to share our phone number with friends that we would like to have play-dates with over the summer.

I found the cutest idea from Lisa Storms. Her site is FULL of great gift ideas!

These cuties are so easy to make… Grab her free printable HERE, cut them out and wrap them around little Miniature chocolate bars! I’ll tuck our phone number on a piece or paper inside for the parents!

Owl Miss You printable from Lisa Storms

Image Credit: Alpha Mom and Lisa Storms.

Do you give your child’s teacher a gift at the end of the year?  Have you found any great ideas online?

Share your ideas in the comments below!   Click HERE to leave a comment.

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    June 4, 2012 at 5:00 am

    Wow! it was amazing. I will pin this to my kid. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. Please keep it up.

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