Spring Fever – Getting ready to garden

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Finally we can say “goodbye” to February and all the snow that kept us home bound and wanting warmer weather.

Once I flipped the calendar to March I was ready to be outside in the garden. We’ve been spending lots of time planning our vegetable garden. Last year was our first year with an actual garden. Before that we had some tomatoes, peppers and lettuce but we’ve never had this much space!

We use a spreadsheet to plan out the garden. I recommend having some kind of plan whether it’s on paper or on the computer. We also do this because it’s important to rotate your crops. Especially crops like potatoes, that are at risk for disease if they are planted in the same spot 2 years in a row.

I thought I’d share our spreadsheet, I’d love to hear your suggestions or thoughts!


Our garden is about 48×30 feet.

M: Marigolds – keep away the rabbits

L: Lettuce

S: Spinach

O: Onions

R: Radish

B: Broccoli

C: Carrots

Bu: Bush Beans

PP: – honestly, I don’t remember what this was… peas possibly 🙂

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    March 3, 2010 at 10:36 am

    I am very jealous, yet not. I really really want to have a garden some day because I am cheap, cheap, CHEAP! However, I am also lazy, lazy, LAZY!! If you have any tips for creating a really REALLY small garden, please pass them my way. And when I say tips, what I really mean is: plan the whole thing!! HAHA! OR… send me your price list for all your extra produce that you won’t be able to eat before it goes bad! 🙂

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