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Spotlight 101 – Basic Use

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Spotlight is an excellent little feature on Mac that many users don’t take advantage of.

Spotlight is located in your top menubar. On the far right you will see a magnifying glass icon, this is Spotlight. To launch Spotlight you can simply click on this icon or you can also use: Command + Spacebar to launch the program.

Once you begin to type a word in Spotlight it will automatically begin to search. The great thing about Spotlight is that it searches your entire computer, including files, contacts, e-mail messages, music and more. Most users know that Spotlight is a great tool for searching their computer for files. There are numerous other uses for spotlight and today I’ll share just a few.

Contact Searching:

Type in the name of the person you are looking for and click on their name to open up the AddressBook.


Need to figure out a simple math problem. Simply type in your math equation into Spotlight and it will quickly give you an answer.



Wondering what the definition of a word is? Type it and get a definition before you even have time to find your old copy of Webster.

There are many other ways to use Spotlight, these are the top 3 ways I use Spotlight in addition to searching for a file or program.


* This tutorial is using OSX 10.5.0 and higher

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