Setting Healthy Boundaries

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Today our message at church was “Finishing Well” We were finishing up a series on the life of Moses.  One point that he shared was: “To finish well we need healthy boundaries”.   That sure grabbed my attention. Boundaries is something that I struggle with daily.

“When we become worn out emotionally, physically and spiritually we tend to make bad decisions. We become venerable to temptation.”

My mind immediately went in another direction – motherhood.  The area that I’ve been struggling in the most over the past few months.  I’ve become worn out emotionally, physically and spiritually.  All three.  I’ve become overwhelmed and therefore stagnant.

I’ve had a hard time adjusting to working out of the home 1-2 times a week and working from home the rest of the week.  I feel like 90% of my week is spent working in my office or on the computer even late into the night.  Unlike a typical worker I don’t have 9-5 job. My work day doesn’t seem to have an end time.  That’s become a major issue.

Work has become my focus, not my children.  I’m always working!  I know that working is not optional at this point in our life, but I’m having a hard time setting boundaries in my week.  I’ve missed opportunities to fellowship with friends and missed opportunities to do the simple things like play outside with the kids.  This is something that has to change soon, before it gets worse.

“God has not called me to meet a persons every single need completely, that is His job.”

This week I am going to make intentional choices to control my schedule.  I’m planning my week tonight so tomorrow morning I have a plan.

  • I will share this schedule with my clients so it’s no surprise to them.
  • I will make time to play – read – sing – and have fun with our children, because that is a priority!
  • I will say “no” if necessary this week.
  • I will also spend intentional time with my hubby; with the laptop in the other room.

What’s odd to me, is that I’m usually a very scheduled mom.  I use to have a great plan for my week, my meals were always planned on Sunday night and posted so everyone knew what’s going on.  I have a great cleaning schedule that has been neglected for the last month or so.  I’m going to take the time this week to get back on track, for my family’s sake.

How do you create boundaries in your life?  Are there any tricks or tips you’d like to share?

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    March 22, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    Donna, I really feel for you. Being a mom is a 24 hour a day job, but on top of that you also work from home. Your “real” job isn’t a 9-5. You have no off hours. That is a no win situation!

    Although, I’m not in your situation, I would think that setting business hours with your clients could help. You need some down time to focus your family AND on yourself.

    I’ll be thinking of you & I hope to hear updates on how things are going with your boundaries.

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