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Saving the Summer – Canning Tomatoes

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Tomatoes are a staple in most gardens because they are so easy to grow with instant gratification and lots of fruit. Having this bounty of tomatoes can be a big blessing if you know what to do. You can only eat so many salads!

So,  we’re going to talk about canning tomatoes.  I prefer canning to freezing because I like to keep my freezer available for my Once-a-month cooking meals. Most of the recipes I’ll share will be freezable as well for those of you who like to freeze.

There are lots of options for your tomatoes. I hope to give you some new and different ideas and recipes to get you started.

Salsa – This is probably the first thing many of us think about when we think about preserving tomatoes. There are so many recipes available and you can actually get pretty creative with your recipe.

Spaghetti Sauce – This for us is a big one. We eat pasta weekly and I’m looking forward to having a stockpile of sauce on hand. I love knowing what’s in my sauce. There’s pride that comes when you serve your family homemade spaghetti sauce. Makes me feel a little Italian.

Bruschetta – This is another great way to preserve the tomatoes and have a great option on hand when you’re entertaining. Toast up some Italian bread slices and put some of this on top, YUMMO! Bruchetta is also a great topping for chicken, fish and even meatloaf.

Ketchup – For some weird reason, I really want to try to make ketchup this year. We’ll see if it happens.

Diced / Stewed and Whole Tomatoes – I used these canned tomatoes all the time. I have a few favorite recipes that call for diced or stewed tomatoes and I love having them on hand.

Tomorrow… we’ll be making salsa – Roasted Tomato Salsa! Be sure to check back.

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