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Project of the Week: My Kitchen Folio

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So I have this lovely Cherry colored book that sits in my kitchen, and until this week it has just sat there… empty. Just looking pretty but doing nothing for me.

I gathered up a few ideas and came up with a list of what information would be most useful to keep handy. Here are a few of my ideas:

  • Emergency Information
  • Regularly used recipes
  • Phone list
  • Birthday list
  • Babysitting Instructions
  • Meal Planning Information
  • Monthly Cleaning Chart
  • Freezer Inventory
  • Pantry Inventory
  • Schedules for Church events

MomAgenda offers many free downloads of some of these forms HERE. They also offer a free download sample of their MomAgenda Planner pages HERE as well. I encourage you to try their planner pages, I can’t say enough about how well made and practical the MomAgenda planner is!

This week I printed and filled out forms and they are now nicely organized in my kitchen folio. I have lots of empty room in the folio for more information as needed. I showed Kevin what’s in the folio so he knows where to find important phone numbers, lists and emergency information. He did a good job acting interested in my newest attempt to organize our lives.

I wanted to post pictures however when I started to take photos I realized that lots of the pages included private information, names or phone numbers that I should not to share with the entire world.

Instead, I thought I’d offer you a free download of one a form that I created and find super helpful:Cleaning Schedule

So the verdict is that I really enjoy having the Kitchen Folio. I’m sure I’ll continue to add to it and use it more often. I’m hoping to consolidate my household binder into the folio soon, so that I’m using one source for all of my important information.

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