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Prepare For Christmas Now – Plan To Keep Jesus in Christmas

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We’ve talked about baking, gifts, and preparing for christmas cards . All of these things are important but not THE most important thing. As I continue to write this series I’m reminded that it’s much too easy to lose focus or get caught up in the giving part of the season and lose our focus on Christ.  I’m going to share a few of the ways we try to keep the focus on Jesus, not the presents under the tree.


Celebrate Advent:

Advent starts the 4th Sunday before December 25th.  We keep it simple and start Advent on December 1st.  There are several great ways to celebrate Advent.

Last year we were introduced to the Truth In The Tinsel an Advent E-book filled with projects created and planned for your little ones.  It was just want I needed, planned out for me with easy to follow instructions and supply lists.  The kids loved the crafts each day. It will be the perfect fit for us this December as we are also in our first year of homeschool and we plan to spend December focused on Christmas in our lessons.

Put Jesus in the Manger in Christmas morning

I love having the kids run downstairs looking to see if Jesus was in the manger in the morning.  It reminds them that this fun day is all in celebration of his birth.

 Start a collection of Faith-Based Christmas Movies:

We’re not an anti-television household – I wish! We try to limit the TV watching but our children have fallen in love with Buck Denver’s What’s in the Bible series.  Created by Phil Vischer, they have also created a great video, Why Do we Call it Christmas? They have a great coupon right now too! You can get the Christmas DVD and a bonus Clive and Ian’s video for just $20.00.

Veggie Tales has several great videos that we have collected over the last 5 years. I’ll be doing a giveaway soon – so you can start your collection early! Be sure to subscribe so you know when the giveaway starts!


Read Christ centered Christmas books and stories

Here are just a few great Christmas book and stories to read with your children:

There’s a great alternative version of the Night before christmas over at Dinker and Giggles
Jacob’s Gift by Max Lucado
Miracle in a Shoebox: A Christmas Gift of Wonder by Franklin Graham
A Christmas Prayer – Amy Parker 
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski
A Little House Christmas Treasury – Laura Ingalls Wilder
The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado
Who Is Coming to Our House? (Board Book) by Joseph Slate
The Christmas Story of Jonathan ToomeySusan Wojciechowski
The King’s Christmas ListEldon Johnson

Pray for others:

When you receive Christmas cards this year, place your cards in a basket or box on your dinner table. Each evening take a card out of the box and pray for the family or person that sent you a card.  You can even keep these cards out all year round and continue to pray for the families throughout the year.

Christmas in Homeschooling:

Grapevine Studies – we will be taking December off from homeschooling so we can enjoy the Christmas season.  We won’t be completely “on vacation” I plan to use Grapevine studies Birth of Christmas curriculum.  We love this program because it allows the children to draw their way through the bible.  Even I can draw a stick figure (but that’s where my artistic talent ends!)


Remember missionaries:  

Send special Christmas financial gifts or care packages to missionaries in your church. Many missionaries are away from families during Christmas and sending cards, care packages and extra financial gifts will let them know that they are not forgotten and that the work they do is a blessing and that you support them.

Fill you home with Christ Centered Decor:

Decorate your home with items that focus on Christ and his birth.  Put up a Nativity, art and decor that bring your attention to Jesus.   Dayspring  is one of my favorite online stores to find beautiful and meaningful items for the home. Next week we’ll be talking about preparing your home for Christmas.

Have a theme to your Christmas Tree:

When I was growing up my mother had a theme to our Christmas tree.  We had gold, frankincense, and myrr decorations on the tree. Trumpets, drums and music sheets hanging from the tree as well.  The top of our tree we had a star with thick red ribbons coming down from the top of the tree to remind us of the blood that was shed for our sins.  I loved these decorations and love that they were not only beautiful but very significant and a strong reminder of why we celebrate Christmas.

How do you keep the focus on Christ during Christmas? 


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    October 28, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    Donna, I love these suggestions. Even though I only have one child still at home, I am going to add several of these ideas to our Christmas time celebration. Thanks for a great post! — nice and early, too, when I can plan for it, not when I’m swallowed up in the season already! ~Lori

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