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I am a big advocate for creating traditions for your family.  Christmas is the perfect time to create memories and traditions with your family.

Pajama’s on Christmas Eve – This is one of my favorites.  Every Christmas eve the kids can open one gift – their Christmas jammies!  They each get a new pair of pajamas and sometimes the adults get a pair too! It’s always fun to open up our gifts and look back at our Christmas photos to see everyone in their Christmas pajamas on Christmas morning.

Celebrate Advent – I mentioned last week that we loved Amanda’s book Truth in the Tinsel and we plan to do her Advent series again this year.  Celebrating Advent creates a memory of counting down to Jesus birth, to Christmas Day.  You can find a simple advent calendar at most stores, Dayspring usually sells one,

Christmas Books – We have a growing collection of Chritmas books that we store in a basket for bedtime readings during the Christmas season. We started to collect Chrismtas books when our daughter was born and have been adding to our collection each year.  Our goal is to have a collection of 24 books one for each night starting December 1st  finishing Christmas morning with the biblical account of the birth of Jesus.  When we started this tradition we would wrap them up so the kids could unwrap a book each night, which added to the excitement. Now I try to keep it simple and don’t wrap the books. I’ve even gone to the library to pick up a few books for FREE!

Christmas Breakfast – I remember growing up and hearing stories my pastor shared about their Christmas morning traditions.  They always had Orange rolls on Christmas morning, I have to be honest and say I have no idea what orange rolls are, I pictured them as sweet rolls just like cinnamon rolls. We try to have a big Christmas morning breakfast or brunch.

Yearly Christmas Ornament – Kevin and I spent our honeymoon in both Cape Cod, Massachusetts and in a little mountain town in Vermont.  While we were in Vermont we purchased a beautiful one of a kind pewter oil lamp from Danforth Pewter. They also carry beautiful Annual Christmas Ornaments.  I bought our first annual ornament for our first Christmas and hope to continue to buy one ornament each year.  (we do have some catching up to do!! We’ve missed several years!)

Birthday Party for Jesus – This is something we have not done but I’ve heard it’s lots of fun.  Spell Out Loud has a great article about it here.


What are your favorite Christmas memories or traditions?

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