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Prepare for Christmas Now – Christmas Decor

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The day after Thanksgiving you can find me in the attic… ok, my hubby is in the attic, I’m downstairs digging through holiday decorations and starting to dress up our house for Christmas.  Yes, the day after Thanksgiving!  I love a well dressed home during the holidays. I love to decorate the fireplace mantel.  Unwrap all of the Department 56 houses that my mother passed down to me. Put holiday wreaths up and fill our home with festive reminders of Jesus’ birth.

You do not have to be Martha Stewart, or have hired interior decor experts to create a warm Chrsiatms  filled home.  I love Nester’s tagline (and advice) “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”  Now is the perfect time to start gathering ides, hitting the thrift shops and gathering up beautiful things for your home.

One of my favorite places to start looking for ideas is of course, Pinterest.  (are you following me there? )

But even more than Pinterest I love to go straight to the source on these beautiful sites:

The Nesting Place

The Inspired Room

My Blessed Life

LoveFeast Table

Once you’ve been inspired get organized.

  • Go through what you have already – throw away or donate things that you haven’t used for the last 2-3 years.
  • Check your lights – NOW… Don’t wait for the tree to be up to find out that your Christmas lights aren’t working . Check your lights, replace broken bulbs and batteries.
  • Take out your holiday linens and have them washed and ironed.  (not that I’ve ever ironed a single linen in my life!!)
  • Shop for items that you want to add to your decorations this year.

All of these little things will make Christmas decorating much more enjoyable and fun!


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