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Prepare for Christmas NOW! – Christmas Card Planning

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We still love to send out Christmas cards and I look forward to opening up the mailbox and finding cards from friends and family every year.  Sending out Christmas cards can become a headache if you wait until the last minute.  Getting your addresses in order, photos taken, and ordering your cards early is not only a time saver but something that an be done months ahead of time. What are you waiting for?

Organize your Christmas Card List:

There are several ways to organize and keep your christmas card list, everyone has their preference.  We have a list of family and friends that we send cards to each year, it is fairly simple and we try to keep it short. Some like to be sure that everyone they receive a card from receives a card back from their family.  This is great etiquette but not always necessary. We have a simple list that we use every year. Some years we’ve met new friends, colleagues or teachers and add those families to our list.

  • There are many ways to organize your addresses.
  • Simple Address Book
  • Spreadsheet in Excel, Numbers or Google Docs
  • Programs like Address Book on a Mac
  • Google Contacts

I have to admit that I do not love any of the solutions I’ve found so far. They work fine but they are not without flaws. Several programs now sync with your cell phone and I’ve noticed duplicate information or the sync changes my cell phone contacts in a way that drives me crazy. So be warned!

Whatever program you use October is a great time to go through all of your addresses and update anyone that may have moved or gotten married or add new friends to your list.

Take Your Family photos:

Now is the perfect time to get your family portaits taken. It will be easier to book a photographer, schedule your family and get your photos take.  Waiting until the last minute just adds to the already stressful season, so book your photographer today, or grab a tripod and get those pictures taken.

Order Your Cards

If you like to order your cards online it’s a great idea to start looking now for great deals on photo cards.  I like to design my own cards in Photoshop and have them printed so I can always get a jump start and get them printed as soon as possible.  Many online sites like my favorite, Shutterfly offer great pre-christmas sales so be sure to watch their sites for great deals!  If you like to order custom Christmas Cards I’d recommend putting your order in early. This gives you time to write your cards, address them and get them in the mail early.

Quick Tip

One way we save time and money is by exchanging most of our cards at church. Our church has a great way for us to exchange cards with other church friends. They do the sorting.  We just drop off our cards, and volunteers sort cards and bundle them together for you. This has become a huge time saver for our family. I can just write the family’s name on the envelope and drop them off. No Stamps, No address needed. Simple! If you go to a smaller church you might even be able to help them get started with a Christmas card exchange program.  It has saved us so much money and frustration over the years.


Currently Shutterfly is offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $30


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