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Plan to enJOY Christmas – The Budget

Thanks to everyone who took the Christmas Budget Survey. I got lots of great feedback, Thanks!

55% of readers DO have a budget

44% of readers DO NOT budget for Christmas

75% of you said you were able to stick to your budget

The majority of those surveyed spent $300 – $500 for Christmas (gifts, entertaining, baking, etc)

Like I admitted in the previous post, I have never written or followed a Christmas Budget. After seeing the results from this survey I’ve realized that WE MUST have a budget this year!

Budget worksheets:

I thought about designing my own budget worksheet for Christmas but rather than recreating the wheel I found a few great spreadsheets that you can download for free!

Simple Mom has a simple Christmas Budget Worksheet on her site you can download it Download it HERE

About.com has a very simple worksheet for budgeting your Christmas gift shopping. Download it HERE

ThriftyFun.com has yet another nice worksheet for your Christmas gift shopping. Download HERE

General Budgeting Sites

There are also other online programs for budgeting in general that might be useful for you.

Mint.com – Probably the biggest online budgeting program out there.Tracks everything!

PearBudget – my favorite for tracking spending and budgeting. Simple and so easy to use! be sure to check it out!

Virtual Wallet – This is offered through my bank and I love it. It allows you to set up “reserve” items and save up for them. You can allocate money towards each reserve item and see the progress you are making each day!

Want to join me this year and plan an actual budget? Leave a comment and let me know!

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    September 4, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    This is great!! I thought I was the only one thinking about Christmas this early ;)! I usually do a gift list with a general budget, so these links will be so helpful!
    coming over from your Twitter follow!

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