Once a Month Cooking 101

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Today I am attempting Once a Month Cooking for the very first time. I’m sure I’m in WAY over my head!

I’m using the February plan from Once a Month Mom’s website. I’ve also used several recipe adjustments from Angela’s Kitchen for Gluten Free meals – finding her adjustments were a huge blessing because I’ve been procrastinating about going wheat-free again for quite some time.

I’m writing this post while I take a quick break from cooking (which is going really, really well so far) I’ve been at it for about 7 hours so far and I’m about 75% done! I have over 25 meals finished, 8 cooking right now and I’m moving on to the final 3 meals which will each be double batches. When all is said and done I should have 38 or more meals!

I’ll be posting all about how my day went tonight, so be sure to check back!

While you’re waiting, be sure to check out Tricia’s site, she really does an outstanding job putting together the monthly menus and creates printable lists for every step:

Grocery List

Ok… enough relaxing, back to work!

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