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Starting Balance: $74.64



Weekly Groceries: $47.14

Other Expenses:

Diapers:   $12.00

Target:     $ 10.00 – storage tubs for children’s outgrown clothes

$  15.00 – 3 folding chairs that were on clearance

Total Spent: $ 84.00

Balance:  $-10.64


We’re not excited that we couldn’t accomplish this challenge, but we’re also very encouraged! We’re learning a lot, and this month is not over yet and we’re not stopping.

We looked back over where we overspent and noticed that most of the overspending was completely unnecessary, however we also had some unexpected expenses that were more “seasonal” and we were not prepared for those.

What I’ve learned this week

  • Avoid going places that you tend to spend money. I know that Target is a weakness for me, but I also like to go there just to check out the clearance items and snag really good deals. If I had not gone to Target this week I could have saved some money. Yes, I bought things that we have been needing for quite some time, and it was not a big investment, but it could have waited.
  • Stay home more! I was reminded again this week to STAY HOME MORE. If I don’t leave the house I won’t spend the money. I could very easily invite someone over for coffee, to work on a craft or watch a movie. It would be FREE fun!
  • Remember your goals. I have to remind myself of the goals that we set. Remember why we’re doing this and what the outcome could be.
  • Don’t beat yourself up! Yes, we went over our budget, and I’m sure we’ll go over it even more this week, I’m not going to give myself a hard time. This was our first shot doing this but it won’t be our last. If I feel super guilty because we went over budget I’m likely to never try again. The whole purpose for doing this was to notice how we spend money and learn how to be better stewards. We’re learning that, so in fact we are succeeding.

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