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NO SPEND MONTH – Week 2 in Review

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Starting Balance: $196.23



Apples for making applesauce: $15.45

Weekly Groceries: $65.14

Total Spent: $80.59

Other expenses:

Target: $12.00 – Sheets and pillow for Claire’s bed. Fan on clearance $1.97 ( Claire had been waking up every 1/2 hour – 3 days in a row! we needed some “white noise for her room and we thought making her bed more comfortable would help – IT DID!

Lowes: $ 22.09 – Weatherproofing for the windows, knobs for a dresser I repainted.

Burger King – $7.00 – I have no excuse for this!

Total Spent: $ $41.00

Grand Total: 121.59

Balance: $74.64

What I’ve learned this week

  • I have to bring snacks with us when we go out. We were heading to a doctors appointment and were about 1/2 hour early. I realized when I was driving there that I forgot to eat breakfast and was STARVING! Claire was demanding snacks and I had nothing to offer. I was NOT PREPARED! Burger King happened to be on our way and I threw away my self control and got in the drive-thru. I am not proud…
  • We should budget for yearly house maintenance like weatherproofing. We rent our house but we have found that it gets very drafty in the house in the winter. We decided that we needed to weatherproof the windows to try to save some money this season. It was not expected, therefore it took a chunk out of our month’s budget!
  • Some things can wait: I did not have to buy the knobs for the dresser I’m repainting, that could have waited a few weeks. I also could have waited a few weeks for the weatherproofing stuff. I need to learn to be patient and really evaluate the need to know if it’s an immediate need or if it can wait.
  • Somethings can’t be planned– Claire has been having a really hard time sleeping this past week. Finally after 3 days of very little to no sleep, I decided to try something. I picked up a cheap pillow and sheet set at Target and tried to make her feel like her bed was now a “big girl” bed. It worked! We also ran out of infant tylenol and Caleb decided to cut 2 more teeth this week…
  • I will be staying home much more– I feel like we blew it this week and now we’ll have to pay the price for the rest of the month. I’ll be spending most of my days at home next week. Canning applesauce and apple pie filling. I have plenty of groceries and don’t plan on spending much money on groceries for the rest of the month. We’ll have to get very creative to meet our goal!

This is tough, but I really know why we’re doing it! Let’s see if I can make $74.00 stretch 3 weeks!! WOW!


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    October 18, 2009 at 10:00 am

    #1 – I love the new heading. It looks so nice!!
    #2 – What did you buy to weather proof your windows? I think we need to do something in the nursery, but I have no idea where to start.
    #3 – Do we need to wait until November to do our lunch date at the mexican resturant???

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      October 18, 2009 at 10:32 am

      I’m glad you like the new heading, I’ve been working hard on getting it done and I’m so happy how it came out!
      We got the weatherproofing at Lowes. We bought some plastic that goes over the inside of the windows. you put tape down around the window then adhere the plastic. Then you blow dry it and it gets tight. We haven’t put it on yet but I’m really hoping it helps. Kevin also went around the house and removed old caulk around the windows and re caulked some of our windows weren’t sealed very well. I can tell the caulking works already!
      We don’t have to wait till November to have our lunch date! We did really well this week with our spending so I can manage to ‘splurge’ a few dollars on lunch!! Just let me know when you want to go!

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