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NEW YEAR – New post, finally!

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Yes, I’m alive and well. A little worn out but I’m alive!

I’ve been so busy preparing for the holidays and enjoying Christmas with my family that I decided to let my blog sit on the back burner and spend time doing what’s important. I really think that the holidays are such an important time of the year for many reasons and I have absolutely no regrets neglecting my blog for the sake of my family.

I enjoyed a week long visit with my brother, my mother flew up from Georgia for Christmas weekend along with my sister and her family and my father… and get this…

They all stayed at our house!!

They slept in the nursery, the guest room on the floors and on couches, and no one complained a bit! We had a great time! I truly love my family and love spending time together!

So here I am back to my poor neglected site and ready to bring some new life and new posts to this dismal land I call a blog. I’ll be spending this week working on some new ideas and I hope to get the ball rolling soon!

This week I’ll be sharing some before and after photos of our kids room which was redecorated this weekend.

For the first few weeks I’ll be focused on ORGANIZING! ‘Tis the Season, isn’t it? I haven’t made any concrete “resolutions” yet this year, but I do plan on setting some goals for the next 12 months. I’m also hoping to have another “NO SPEND” month soon. I have lots of projects that I’d love to conquer this year too so be on the look out for these too!

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