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My Work From Home Story

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9 years ago I was sitting at home with my brand new chubby baby girl.

Insert picture of adorable 9 lbs baby…


Goal 1: To care for our new daughter.

Up until her birth I was working two jobs and it was finally time for me come home and take care of our new family. I looked forward to being home with our children and Kevin and I agreed that it was the best choice for our family.

Goal 2: To make a great part-time income working less than 10 hours a week.

While I was excited to spend days at home, caring for our home and family, I always knew that I wanted to find a way to make money from home and contribute our families income.  So my work from home story began…

First, I worked for several months as a bookkeeper for a local non-profit, bringing our newborn to work each day, eventually transitioning to working from home. I then began working as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant from home.  NOT a good fit! I continued working these jobs until I finally had an opportunity to move on.

Goal 3: To love what I do. To helps others.

One Saturday during our annual yard sale I met a local pastor. He bought a book I was selling, “Take Back Your Life, Using Microsoft Outlook to Get Organized and Stay Organized. I had post-it notes throughout the book with notes to the potential buyer telling them why they needed this book. (See, I told you I was a productivity nerd) This book was probably from 1999! He told me how much he could use help getting organized and create systems for his job, so I gave him my number. One week later, we began working together. This was over 5 years ago! (Pastor Dan and his wife continue to be close friends today.)

I finally realized my gifts and strengths and found the work I loved. Since then I’ve worked with authors, bloggers, business owners and online retailers. I’m currently in my 9th year working from home and I truly love what I do!

A No Gimmick Resource for Making Money From Home

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I was given the opportunity to review an early copy of Crystal Paine’s newest book,  Money Making Mom. I’ve followed Crystal’s blogs since about 2006!! Her new book is so much more than a “How-To start a business” guide! Crystal walks you through steps and questions to help you determine your goals, discover your gifts and passions, figure out what type of business you should pursue and she shares advice on how to keep it all in balance.

One of my favorite take-aways from Money Making Mom is in Chapter 5, Crystal shares what she believes a successful business idea should do:

  • Provide steady income
  • Be fulfilling, not exhausting
  • Play to your strengths

So often we stop at point #1 – MONEY.

We are so desperate to make ends meet, that we’re willing to give up points 2 and 3 to get there. An unhappy, exhausting, poor fitting job is not going to solve your financial problems. Taking the time to plan, research and pray about what to pursue is an important investment. I’m amazed that because of a chance meeting at a yard sale I met one of my best clients.

Money Making Mom is full of great insights like this. While I read each chapter, I started to write down a list of things I still need to do. Mission Statement. Marketing. Build a Team… etc. There is always so much to learn.

I’m thrilled that I now have a great resource to recommend when I’m asked about working from home. Money Making Mom is a great place to start if you trying to find ways to make money from home. Even if you are already working a successful business from home, this is a great resource for you!

Work at home mom Book

Money Making Mom can be purchased through Amazon, Kindle Store and at your local bookstore starting today!

At the top of this post is one of my favorite quotes from Crystals book. I’m working on Dreaming big this year and facing my fears of failure. I hope that you will be inspired and encouraged by Money Making Mom too.

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