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I can hardly believe that there are only 102 days until Christmas!

This year I’ll be creating a Christmas Planning Notebook to hold all of my ideas, plans, recipes, thoughts and anything else that comes along while I plan for Christmas this year. I hope to show you how simple it is to create a tool to help you navigate Christmas this year.

Thanks to ListPlanIt I now have an arsenal of forms already created for me to put all of my thoughts on paper. ** Don’t forget to sign up for your chance to win a 1 year subscription to!**

Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ll be putting in my notebook.


If you’re like me, once the weather cools down I get the urge to break out all of my cookbooks and recipes and bake up a storm. There’s just nothing like fresh cookies at Christmastime. We also like to host a brunch around Christmas – one of my favorite meals to cook! I love to whip up some mini-loaves of cranberry, pumpkin or banana bread to give to co-workers. Some years we have ham some years turkey or roast. All of this happy baking requires recipes and having all of the recipes in one place will simplify the process.

Shopping List:

This is the section that I will keep all wish lists, gift ideas, and a master list of everyone we’ll be buying for this year.

I also wrote up another list of people who we would LIKE to buy for this year if the budget allows.

Christmas Card List:

Creating a simple list of the names of the families I want to send Christmas cards to is the first step in getting ready to send cards out. I have all of my addresses for Christmas cards on the computer but having a simple checklist is a great starting point.


As I come across an idea or tradition that I love I’ll make a note of it here. Our children are still toddlers and many of the ideas I’ve seen lately are for older children but I don’t want to forget the idea so by keeping it in the planner I’ll be reminded each year. ListPlanIt has a great Advent List that I’ll be filling in this year with an activity/scripture for each day during advent.


Magazines and the internet are full of ideas for the Holidays. From craft ideas, gift ideas, decorating, recipes, book suggestions. In this section I’ll have some page protectors that I can use to easily store ideas that I find, so when I think “now where did I see that great craft to do with the kids” I can just pull out the notebook and there it is!

Craft ideas

I have way too many craft ideas that I’ve collected over the years and I keep all of them together in a my “craft notebook”. Many of them I also save on my and Evernote account (which I also highly recommend!)

I already have a handful of gifts that I plan on sewing this year so I’m moving those tutorials/instructions over into the Christmas Binder so they are in one place and I stay focused on the project that I’m currently working on.


I’m working on typing up a list of all of the scriptures that we want to read to our kids during Christmas. I also want to keep a list of all of the Christmas books that we’ve collected. One tradition I’m trying to start is to read a new Christmas book each day leading up to Christmas Starting in December, so it will be good for me to know what books we already have.

I’m sure there are many other great uses for the Christmas Planner. What would you keep in yours?

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