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June felt like a quick month! We worked on getting into our new summer routine, setting up the kid’s daily chore cards, and creating a new work schedule that works for me while the kids are home. We were supposed to travel to Mexico with several good friends this month to celebrate our 15 year anniversary but… Covid. Despite the changes and new routines, I have some fun new favorites to share with you…

Audio Books

Libraries were still closed in our area so audiobooks have been our go-to for reading. This month I tried out Audiobooks.com and really loved it. They have an awesome deal right now, so that made it easy for me to try it out.

Audiobooks.com is currently giving new customers 1 month for free including 3 free books!

You can get the Audiobooks.com deal by clicking here.

Podcast – Cabin Pressure

We drove 14 hours for our anniversary getaway last week and needed something to entertain us on the drive. We listened to several Podcasts but one podcast was easily our favorite:

  • Cabin Pressure – Look up “Cumberbin’s Treasure” in your podcast app. This is a recording of BBC’s Cabin Pressure a radioshow created by John Finnemore. If you like BBC, comdey and Benedict Cumberbatch you’ll love this!!

Meal Delivery Box for Vacation

We spend last week in a small condo on the beach for our anniversary. When planning this trip I knew that I didn’t want to bring tons of food but we still needed to eat! This was the perfect opportunity to order a HomeChef box and bring it along with us. I ordered 3 meals and when the box arrived I just repacked it into a cooler. These meals were easy and I love that the box came with everything we needed to make our dinners. We loved eating delicious dinners on our balcony each night.

Save $40 on your first Home Chef Box by Clicking HERE

Grove Collective Hand Santitzer

When looking for a hand sanitizer, I knew that I didn’t want to use a traditional hand sanitizer. I have more sensitive hands and wanted to find a gentle option. Lucky for me Grove Collaborative had a really nice hand sanitizer option. It comes in larger bottles which we keep in our cars. They also have a small pocket-sized spray hand sanitizer that I prefer to keep in my purse. The scent is amazing (blood orange) and there is added coconut oil to moisturize your hands. They just released a lavender scent this month too!

See the Hand Sanitizer HERE

SPECIAL OFFER: If you have never ordered from Grove you will receive a  FREE Mrs. Meyers & Grove Set ($40 Value)!

  • Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Spray
  • Grove Cleaning Caddy
  • Grove Walnut Scrubber Sponges
  • Free Shipping & VIP Trial

Cold Brew Coffee

Summer is here and we’ve been enjoying Cold Brew coffee more lately. While I love having Cold brew I hate the mess of making it myself. I found these Coffee Packs at Aldi and we really love them!

I love to add milk to my cold brew and a drizzle of Ghirardelli Caramel syrup! Find the Syrup HERE.

Get your Cold Brew Coffee packs at your local Aldi!

Jergens Natural Glow – Gradual Tan Lotion

I’ve never been a big self-tanner girl but this year I knew my legs needed some color for me to be comfortable on the beach. I found Jergens Natural Glow lotion last year and I’ve been hooked! It’s basically a lotion that gives you a gradual tan after a few days. While you do not need a tanning mit to use this (just wash your hands after!) I did get one and found it to make it easier to blend the lotion onto my skin. If you’re looking for a gentle (NOT orange!) tan try out this lotion.

Check out Jergens Natural Glow Lotion HERE.

Flip Flops with arch support

I have pretty terrible feet. I struggle with painful plantar fasciitis and because of my back injury this year I really need to be wearing shoes with great arch support. These flip flops I found on Amazon are impressive! They are a great price too. I usually wear a size 10 but I sized down when I purchased these and I’m glad I did!

You can check out the flip flops here.

Plus Sized Dresses

I don’t wear a lot of dresses but we had plans to go to Mexico with friends this summer so I thought it was a great excuse to pick up a few. I found two dresses that I adore! They are both super comfortable.

The black dress is also extremely flattering – I actually feel great wearing it. It is a wrap style dress but also has a button that keeps things closed. I also love that the tie around the waist ties on the side, not the back or front. Both dresses are true to size.

Check out the floral Maxi Dress Here

Check out the Black Wrap Dress Here

More fun news from June

I opened my ETSY shop!

If you love my printables but would love a different look head over to my ETSY Shop and see what I have available.

Click Here to Visit Hey Donna Print Shop on ETSY

Until next month! I hope you have a great July!

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