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Jumping Back in to Homeschooling for 2015-2016

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Since living in Northern Ireland we’ve had our children in “public” school. They school systems are very different here and your options are usually Catholic school or “Integrated” schools.

An Integrated school’s goal is to bring together students from the Catholic and Protestant sides in Northern Ireland.

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Our children’s school has been great! I joke that it’s like sending our children to private school without the monthly bills. The children learn basic bible stories and values, they focus on literacy, maths and the arts. For the last 2 years our children have loved their school but as we plan to return to America we were faced with the difficult choice of what to do about our children’s education.


After long discussions and prayer we’ve decided to jump back in to Homeschooling!  So you will begin seeing Homeschooling posts again here at Hey, Donna. I can’t tell you how much peace and excitement this decision has given us. I’m looking forward to re-joining all of my favorite homeschool bloggers and writing about our homeschool adventures along the way. We’ll be learning along the way and things might get messy but I hope you’ll tag along for the ride.


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I’ve already been busy researching curriculums and I can’t wait to share our plans!  Have you been thinking about homeschooling? Are you already homeschooling? I’d love to hear from you and get to know other homeschooling moms. Introduce yourself in the comments below.

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