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Ireland Bound – Part 4

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Baby Caleb

Time went on and in September of 2008 we added a sweet little boy to our family. Caleb was born nearly 6 weeks early. Healthy and perfect. It was around this time that my Virtual Assistance business really took off and I was able to work from home while caring for our family.  We lead a small group for a few years and loved the group of friends that our small group provided. Even though I loved living in PA, I was surrounded by fantastic friends and we were busy growing a new family I started to really miss YWAM and missions work in 2010. I had a peace knowing that my place was at home in Pennsylvania, I knew that was where the Lord wanted us to be at that time.

In the summer of 2012 Kevin and I started to talk about missions work again. I don’t even remember how it came up.  He was eager and really interested in pursuing full-time ministry.  He had been working at the same company for 12 years and although it was a good job, consistant and very family-friendly company, he knew that he wanted to be doing more. We started to research several YWAM bases in the States.  We looked at Hawaii (the Kona base is one of the bigest and also the main training center for YWAM), Salem, OR, Montana and Orlando.  We learned about each base and prayed about each one.  During the time we were praying that the Lord would close doors.  God answered our prayers and was clearly closing the doors to each of those bases for us.

In October, while attending the Allume Conference, I was talking with one of my friends (and clients) Kristin from LoveFeast Table.  She had just returned home from 2 weeks in Ireland working with a YWAM base to help plan a cafe on the base.  The funny thing is that although I knew she was going to Ireland and I knew that she was going to a YWAM base , I didn’t even connect the dots. I didn’t put it all together and wasn’t even thinking that YWAM Ireland was an option.  When she returned I was convinced that she would be moving her family back there, I didn’t even for a minute think about us serving in Ireland… until October, when she started to tell me about the base and the ministries in Ireland.

I vividly remember the Lord saying to me “pay attention” I listened hard to Kristin’s stories; she talked about the cafe that they were hoping to start, the DTS schools that they were holding, and the other ministries that they were doing in Ireland. I wish I could explain the feeling that I felt but I knew that God was clearly showing me an open door.

I returned home from Allume and Kevin said to me, “Tell me more about Ireland”.  He had a big smile on his face and I think we both knew that this was NOT a closed door. We continued to pray about Ireland, we asked the Lord several times to close the door if it wasn’t where He was sending us. It became very clear to us through several confirmations that this was where we were being called. 

In November we had planned to get together with Kristin and her husband Devon down in Baltimore to have them pray with us and talk to us more about YWAM Ireland. We also decided to finally e-mailed YWAM Ireland’s base director, Jonny and find out what needs they had on their base in Rostrevor.  In his reply e-mail he asked if we would be in the Baltimore area the weekend of Thanksgiving, he was going to be in the States that weekend.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 10.16.03 AMTalking with Jonny Clark, director at YWAM Ireland : Photo from LoveFeast’s Instagram

Jonny was coming the same weekend we were already planned on going to Baltimore to meet with the Potlers.  Kristen and her husband kindly invited all of us over to their house for dinner. We were thrilled that we had an opportunity to meet Jonny in person and the timing couldn’t have been better.  We had a fantastic night. Jonny shared the vision of YWAM Ireland with us, we were able to ask questions and share our heart for cafe ministry as well as why we felt like God was calling us to Ireland.  Jonny affirmed our interest in YWAM Ireland and we drove home that night feeling so much peace.  We knew that we were at the beginning of a big journey.


{part 5 coming soon}


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