Her Gift

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Today was my husbands 30th birthday.

We enjoyed a nice dinner together while the kids spent the evening at their grandparents. Dinner was delicious. Everything was perfect! We both enjoyed having time together to talk without any inturruptions from the kids.

When we finished dinner, picked up the kids and continued to talk during our drive home.

Our 3 year old, Claire has always been singing. Since she could make noise she would hum and sing tunes all the time. It was always so cute to hear her hum songs; she even had her “sleepy song” when she was about 4 months old that she would hum.

Unfortunatly Claire occasionally “sings” in a different kind of way, one that is not quite as “cute”. She makes this nasal-y sounding naaa naa na na song. It is NOT cute, and if I’m being completly honest with you; it it so very irritating.

Well tonight she started her usual singing in the car and everything was fine. Then it began…


Kevin started to kindly ask Claire to sing something else, sing us Jesus loves Me or Happy Birthday. Claire continue…

“NAAA NAA Nan nan na nana naaaa Naa Naa!”
Then this happens,

Kevin: “Claire, can you PLEASE stop singing; mommy and I are trying to talk”

Claire: “But I can’t, it’s my GIFT from God…. for YOU… “

and she continues:


Kevin and I sat there stunned.

This was a WOW moment for us… At this point we were holding in our laughter. Not because it was really funny, but more because it was true. She has always been singing, whether or not we think it’s pretty she is making a JOYFUL noise, it’s just not very entertaining.

So that’s her GIFT…  and we’re going to try to embrace it! I have to admit that it made me so happy to her this come out of our little girl tonight. I’m so proud of her and I feel so good knowing that she is having the TRUTH taught to her and she is confident of it!

PS: Just in case you care… I DO plan on changing my blog header this week… no more snowy tree, spring has sprung!

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    April 13, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    Claire always says the most amazing things!!! This is awesome.

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    April 14, 2010 at 8:32 am

    Melt my heart! That is fabulous Donna. You’re little girlie is so cute 🙂

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