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I’m sure I’m not alone here when I say that I feel a bit helpless to help those in Haiti. But I’m not helpless. Not at all! There are so many ways that I can help.

Click over to Money Saving Mom’s post and see what you can do!

Here’s how our family be helping:

We will be PRAYING!!

I am committed to praying for EVERYONE impacted by this earthquake.

I’m also praying for RESTORATION – for the people, their homes, businesses, families and their country.

This country has seen more tragedy than we could fathom.They need the Love of God right now. Lots and lots of Love!

We will be GIVING!

We, like many, have limited financial resources and are working on getting out of debt. My needs are met, our families needs are met. We have more than enough.

Numana, Inc., is an organization dedicated to giving food to the starving. They are currently providing thousands of meals to the people of Haiti. For only $0.30, you can donate one meal to a starving person in Haiti.

$ .30 = ONE MEAL What an impact we can make!

$27.00 will provide 3 meals a day for 30 days!
$54.00 will provide 3 meals a day for 60 days!

So here’s what we’re going to do:

We usually budget about $45 per week for groceries. We are going to donate 2 weeks worth of our grocery money (one week in January and one week in February) to meals for those in Haiti.

300 meals!

We’ll be challenging ourselves to eat from our stockpile for that week, getting creative and also teaching our children to be thankful for all that we have.

I’m hoping to really teach Claire (our 3 year old) what impact we can make even when we have little to give.

Take a few minutes and check out Money Saving Mom’s post. Crystal, as well as MANY other bloggers will be donating a dollar amount for every comment that is left on their blog. I’ll be spending lots of time this weekend leaving comments! It will add up quickly. So take a minute and check out some of the great blogs that are linked up at Money Saving Mom!

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