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Get Started Homeschooling in 2020?

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We all know that this year has had its challenges and as parents look forward to another new school year the options and decision-making process is so difficult. Readers have reached out to me asking if I had any good advice about Homeschooling. Since we only homeschooled for 2 years off and on and our children now attend private school, I don’t feel qualified to give any advice. I did want to point you in the direction of a resource that I hope will help you get started homeschooling in 2020.

If you are considering homeschooling for the next school year you are not alone. Because of our current pandemic, many parents are choosing to homeschool this fall. There are many different styles of homeschooling including Classical, Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, unschooling, and many variations. It can be overwhelming considering the different options, book lists, and curriculum out there.

One quick and inexpensive way to learn more and get ready to homeschool is through the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle.

Homeschool Resources for Preschool – High School

This limited-time bundle is full of resources that cover preschool to high school. Plus, it has resources to help new homeschool parents too.

This bundle is a collection of 13 eBooks, 10 eCourses, 4 curricula, 22 printables & workbooks, and 3 summits & membership sites. Inside, you will find resources to homeschool kids from preschool to high school, plus resources to support you as the homeschool teacher. It’s a collection to make your homeschooling journey easier — all for $29.50.

In particular, it includes a ton of resources to teach you how to:

  • Plan out a successful year of homeschooling
  • Educate your kids on important topics with prepared curricula (Pre-K – High School!)
  • Organize and schedule your school days with printable planners
  • Support your children through learning disabilities and other challenges
  • Stay sane and productive on challenging days (we all have them!)

With 51 eBooks, eCourses, printables, planners, curricula, and more, you’ll find a ton of resources that will help you homeschool your kids. (And at a 97% discount, it’s super affordable for anyone!)

Countdown Timer

I hope you find this resource helpful and that you can find some clarity and direction about educating your kids next year. I’m rooting for you and here to help however I can.

This bundle is only available for a few days so don’t miss it! Learn more here.

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